I’ll Be Home for Christmas…

This year, Chris and I and the boys will be making the two day trek out to Utah to spend Christmas with my family. This will be the first Christmas in the new house, and to say that I am excited to get to be there would be a gross understatement.

They got 18-20 inches of snow there yesterday and last night.

{{Lord, if you can hear me, please please please PRESERVE some of that for me for when I get there.}}

There is absolutely NOTHING as amazing as snow in this world in my mind. I love it with a deep down gut-level passion. I am really hoping to get to sled down some of the mega-hills by my parent’s house this year.

Oh, how I love sledding!

I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!

Where will you be this Christmas?

11 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas…

  1. Wow! They got more than we did, we got 9 inches here, but it is soooo beautiful and my final was canceled and it was such a wonderful SNOW day yesterday! Today, currently at the moment, it is negative 1 degrees….i don't recall it ever being so cold…..yikes

  2. Someone else who is over the age of 14 and LOVES snow?? Be still my heart!! My kind of woman.

    I love love LOVE the snow and cold we are having this week.

  3. I LOVE the stillness and the quiet in the early morning and evening when everything's covered in snow.
    For Christmas Eve we're hosting dinner and friends with precious and hilarious little children who love to carry our poor dogs around are coming over. Christmas morning and day are long and lazy at home with my fam. We don't go anywhere. We stay in and eat all day enjoying our gifts and eating tons of good food. Friends come and go to eat or play games or just say hi. It would be nice if it snowed here! Someday, I should go to the mountains for Christmas. I have friends who live at Hume Lake, and all their talk of the fresh snow is making me miss it and tempting me to ditch everything and drive down/up there right now!

  4. oooo It looks so beautiful. And I was excited when we got 2 inches last week.
    I hope you and your family have a fantastic safe trip!
    Our family is staying home this year possibly going to my grandparents farm. We shall see:)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I will be at HOME enjoying the last Christmas I have before MARRIED LIFE! haha! also, the last Christmas break of almost a month off with nothing to do! It's kind of sad in a way, not knowing if I will be able to be home for a couple years as I may be working on Christmas day (nurses don't get holidays off… haha) But at the same time hoping to take it all in this year. :-) you're going to have an AMAZING Christmas with those boys when they see all those presents!!! EEEE!!!

  6. I wish I felt that way about snow. I'm more of a sand and palm trees kinda gal but I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Chicago. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

  7. I am dying for some snow too. It's freezing cold here too but no snow. We had a white Xmas last year and it was so much fun.

    As our first Xmas as an almost married couple, we will be splitting our Christmases between our families (as this won't be possible when we have kids someday.)

  8. I love snow! I grew up in Northern Indiana and now live in Chicago, so I've learned to make snow my friend. I especially love driving in it (seriously!). This year we're staying put and family is coming to us.
    I hope you get to do lots and lots of sledding and snow-angel-ing and snowball fights!

  9. Holy moly! I can't believe they got that much snow down south. I was thinking of heading down there soon to GET AWAY from it! Guess not.

  10. Oh, SNOW! We don't have any yet in Tacoma, but I think there will be some when I get to KANSAS CITY! Woohoo!! I will sit in Elizabeth's house looking out the windows at it with a warm cup of coffee in hand, doing NO homework, talking with my sisters, and having a generally lovely time. =)

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