Thrifted Finds – Dinnerware.

Vintage Dinnerware., originally uploaded by emeryjo.

I love pretty vintage dishes and cups and serving trays and things. They are so dainty and beautiful.

I found a whole bunch of great stuff on a recent thrift store trip, and now whenever I open my cupboards I feel almost giddy because I love them so.

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Finds – Dinnerware.

  1. did you find a whole set?! wow.

    we are in desperate need of new dishes, our 10 year old ones are cracked, chipped and dwindling in number, this is the perfect idea to solve my shopping whoas, thanks!

  2. Those are beautiful. I recently hunted for little vintage plates and made cake, cookie amd candy plates out of them. I gorilla glued goblets on the bottom. It might not make sense but they were so pretty and made fabulous hostess gifts recently. My girls made fudge to go on it.

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