Mouths Like Trumpets.

On Friday night, my husband played a show. It was so amazing, it was fantasmagorical. While he was up there on stage, crafting the most beautiful and soothing (read: badass) music I’ve ever heard, I was struck with the sudden realization that, hey! I GET TO BE HIS WIFE. Yay!!!

(photos stolen from my facebook friends. mwahaha.)

Later, I had the privledge of singing with Brad and the crew for his CD Release Show. If you don’t already have Brad Kilman’s new album, “Mouths Like Trumpets”, you need to hunt it down. Here, let me help you:


Bam! Hunted.

It was such a great night of music and worship.

As for today, we are all feeling a bit under the weather. We have the sniffles. So, this is the agenda for today:

-pillow forts
-sesame street
-soothing mid-morning bath for the boys
-big fat naps. for us all.

I get to work tonight, which is happy happy joy joy and will help preserve my sanity.

Another thing that helps to preserve my sanity:

…this ginormous goofy grin. Oh, I just want to nom it up with a side of biscuits and green beans. He is delish.

3 thoughts on “Mouths Like Trumpets.

  1. I think I will build a fort today. Just sent husband off to work…and there are pillows everywhere because I am doing laundry…now I just need some Sesame Street.

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