We Have a Winner!

Weee!!!! This was so much fun.

I entered the numbers in the random number generator with trembling fingers. I had no idea that this would be SO thrilling and exciting!!

The number, the number!!

I counted down all the comments to see who the lucky lady would be. I was so anxious to find out who it was that I was making weird little squeaking noises and my son asked me if I was okay.


And here she is:

The winner!! The winner!!

This is Zee from homebug.net. As you can see, she is an amazing fashionista! She lives in Ireland and has a fabulous interior design/fashion/arts blog that you MUST check out.

Congratulations, Zee! I hope you enjoy your lovely bag!

Thank you ALL for entering the giveaway! This was so much fun that I will DEFINITELY be doing it again soon! :)

2 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you for the lovely mention and the amazing bag. I am so excited!

    So sorry, everyone else!

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