Home Tour.

I adore my little house. It is cozy and the light pours in every room, and it is snuggled inside of the sweetest little pocket of a neighborhood within a city full of the most incredible people you’ll find anywhere.

I love it when people share pictures of their homes. It is such a huge part of who someone is- like a display of their personality and values and style. I thought I’d share some pictures of my house, mostly because I’ve been wanting to document where it is right now before some major shifting takes place in the next few months!

Chris is building a music studio in the garage, so things will probably shift around a bit after that, and then eventually (read: SOONish) we will be putting the boys in the same room.

I rearranged Myer’s room yesterday (okay, okay, and also the day before that) because it has just been feeling “off” to me for some reason. I absolutely love it now, and am glad I didn’t give up on the puzzle. Even if it meant my husband coming home to a different room two (or was it three?) days in a row. hahaha. Sorry, honey.

For now, this is home. I want to remember it like this. I love it so!

What about you? Would you be willing to share some snapshots of the place you call home? Let me know if you are, and I will post a link back to your site here. It will be a like a fun little guided home tour! :)

Home Tour Participants so far:

Anna Joy (oh how I ADORE her amazing bedroom!! :)

20 thoughts on “Home Tour.

  1. we have the exact same changing table with the same bins in them (from target)

    I was just thinking as i was reading your blog that I would like to do that very same thing, a house tour!

    I will do mine soon!

    Gorgeous bedroom and Ezra's room is the dream boy room. Love it girlie.

  2. Gorgeous dwelling! I'd be more apt to post pics of my place if I actually had a place to call my own. Until then I dress up our little apartment as best as I can. Still, maybe I'll post my favorite little corners.

  3. What a beautiful home. I love the decor and the colors the way they tie together. :-) I will share a picture of my humble abode…. it's only like 3 pictures. HAHA! it's a little box of a room.

  4. wow. your house is gorgeous and flawless!!! like a model home! my house is so gross compared to this haha. good job!

  5. Please tell me what the diaper contraption next to the changing table is?? It looks like a diaper genie, but not a diaper genie.

  6. i think we have a little case of same brain syndrome when it comes to home decoration. i just don't have a home to decorate yet!

  7. missingyou: my husband created that while I was out of town once! (amazing!) It is a small curtain rod with the back curtains threaded onto it, and then a larger curtain rod (adjusted out as far away from the wall as it would go) with the drapey piece hung over it.

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