Fall Fashion: Day Five.

I’m running around a bit crazy again today- working and arranging childcare and loving every minute of it. I mentioned it once briefly here before, but I am the assistant Events Coordinator at my church, which, if I could sum it up for you in a couple of words, they would be this: DREAM. JOB. I love it so much.

This is a thrifted military-ish jacket that I found long before they were cool. I used to get made fun of for wearing this jacket. Now they are all the rage. Isn’t that always the way? Long ago, I decided that if a particular piece of clothing got a lot of snarky comments, it would probably eventually become the ‘next big thing’ if I just held onto it long enough. (Another example: the crazy legwarmers I have. I may show you those tomorrow…)

The belt is an old vintage cummerbund and the shirt is really a T-dress that I bloused out over the belt a bit. The jeans are Chip & Pepper- ordered from eBay.

In these shots I am wearing heels, which I will probably slip back on later for the event I am working tonight, but for now, I am running around in my Chuck Taylors. :)

Check out what the others are wearing!!

Laura @ Every Path. (The originator of this awesome idea!)
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Kalle @ Growing C’s.
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sarah @ the banshee tree

Some of you have said you want to go a couple days longer- till Sunday. I might join you, if you aren’t all sick to death of seeing my face. ar har har.

13 thoughts on “Fall Fashion: Day Five.

  1. This is definitely my favorite one yet!!! How come you are the most beautiful mom I know….you just have soooo much style….I miss you and love you and wished we lived closer. Your ADORABLE!

  2. I love military jackets! i have like 2 or 3. I try to wear things that I know are not so cool… because I know that I may get fun of at first, but secretly people think it's cool and then it all of a sudden becomes the newest thing! haha!!! I love to be different! ;-)

    I also love the belt you made with this outfit!!

  3. please do two more days. I need to see your legwarmers please and thankyouverymuch.
    I had two military jackets that I bought in 1999 and 2000 respectively. I have since given them both away to far more stylish people…
    you look GREAT! I would want you to be the one in charge of my event!

  4. Love, love, love! I'm so jealous that you (Jillian too!) can pull off such cute pixie cuts. That military jacket is stunning. I'm beginning to think I may have a button fetish!

  5. You are adorable. And now you need to join The Working Closet Flickr pool and post your photos there. Pretty please. ;)

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