My Week, In Short.

in the last few days, I’ve:
-decorated for and worked at a leader’s retreat:

-weaned Myer completely.

-successfully entered the world of Preschool.

-experienced the horror of baby throw up landing square inside my mouth. (LOTS of it.)

-led worship for a room full of amazing children.

-discovered that my 7 month old weighs 20 lbs, and my 4 year old weighs 33 lbs. (haha.)

-heard my voice on an incredible new worship album. (by brad kilman!) (squee!)

-enjoyed air that was cool and smelled like Fall.

-helped complete Ezra’s first ever homework assignment:

-prayed and felt the holy spirit so strongly that i couldn’t stop shaking.

-sold something on eBay

-bought something on eBay:

-wished my parent’s a happy 40TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. woowoo!

-been reminded that my husband oozes talent and needs to record an album. NOW.

-been inspired by these pretty girls:

-felt more confident than i have in years. maybe ever.

-bit my fingernails to the nubs watching this fire creep closer and closer to my parent’s new house:

(it is 0% contained and MUCH closer now as i write.)

-kind of forgotten about my blog.

7 thoughts on “My Week, In Short.

  1. Yay for you!
    Well, except for that vomit part.
    Oh, and the fire. That's pretty suck-y too.
    I hope by the time you read this comment, that the fire has passed and all is well.

    I'm optimistic that way.

  2. LOVED this blog about all you've done this week. Isn't it amazing how many things us mothers can do in one whole week?? Keep up the good work super mom! LOVE YOU and MISS YOU tons and tons! Kiss the babies for me! xoxo

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