i love us.

we are a happy bunch.

my friend harmony and her sweet boy are coming the day after tomorrow to visit me.
i’m so excited i can hardly wait.

harmony was my maid of honor.
the girl who was there through the roughest times of my life.
she was velcroed to my side in a kind of friendship i had never known before…
she was faithful to me,
and i haven’t been able to see her in sooo long!

the days are c r a w l i n g by until she lands here in okc.

hurry, harm! hurrrrrrry!
(milk milk!)


9 thoughts on “i love us.

  1. This picture reminds me of how beautiful your hair was that blessed day. Wasn't Harmony responsible for that work of art? Please give Harmony a big hug for me, and baby too.

  2. What's wrong with looking like a disney princess? Own it girl! It's okay be princess-y on your WEDDING day! And momar is right…your hair is gorge!

  3. oh, totally laughing at the disney princess talk. funny…

    you DO look like a happy bunch.

    makes me miss my ride-along-side-of-me girl, amanda. those girlfriends are so rare. so perfect. so needed.

    have fun!

  4. Your post made me remember my best friend. She's working overseas and I haven't seen her for a long time too. I bet you are going to have a fun reunion. I wish you all the best!

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