The Breeze on my Neck.

I colored my hair and trimmed it a few days ago.

It was getting a bit… poofy.

I am loving having short hair again. It is so fun and really nice for the HOT, humid weather ’round these parts. I can’t imagine having my old lion’s mane on my head in these blistering days.


6 thoughts on “The Breeze on my Neck.

  1. Wow! It is adorable! I just chopped 2 inches off my hair a week ago and I love it as well!

    I was sent over here via a tweet from Amy2boys….just so you know….

  2. Cute. You totally have the face for it.

    My appointment for a chop is in ten days and my bravery is waning…ugh…I know I'm going to end up getting only an inch cut off again…I know I should chop it all for a good cause…but I just can't do it.

    Un-brave regards,
    mrs boo

  3. I don't know you but I had the same 'fear fear don't take my hair'feelings when I sat down to get the chop. Then I told my hair dresser that I had 'thought about donating but didn't really figure out how and all that, so maybe next time' but she busted out with a 'oh, no problem we do it all here I can actually have the hair sent tonight and it will be there soon!' soo…I chopped and it was freeing, wonderful and for a great cause! Go for it and be brave!!

  4. i am green with envy at your sassiness. and the color looks really great. i wonder if my marshmallow skin could handle a darker color?

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