Closet Cartoonists.

For the longest time, whenever Ezra would draw, it would just be ‘rollercoasters’. That’s where he’d take a marker or crayon and draw squiggles as fast as he could, followed quickly by his asking if he could go play already.

But lately, he’s been actually drawing. Stuff! And I couldn’t love it more if I tried.

“Master Oogway”



Maybe, deep down, he’s a closet cartoonist, just like his mamma…

7 thoughts on “Closet Cartoonists.

  1. Ezra, very good!! can you draw DODAD ? i can't wait to see you– we will go out searching for turkies & turtles !!

  2. I love this, so cute. I’ve always felt that my husband and I were going to have boys… hopefully soon, ahem. And I’ve always been scared of that, well, because I’m a girl and I have a sister. I’ve never been around a lot of boys. Your two make me not so scared… because they’re so darn cute!

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