Lashing out.

Myer secretly has long eyelashes just like his big brother and his mamma do. They weren’t of the SHOW STOPPING intensity that Ezra’s were right after he was born, but I think they’ve gotten longer in these past 3 months.

(Our hospital room filled with squealing nurses right after ezra was born- because his eyelashes were TOUCHING his eyebrows and they were BLACK dark. It. was. IS. insane.)

Myer’s are blonde tipped, so they are harder to see than Ezra’s (and harder to photograph), but as you can see, there are a few that are quite a bit longer than the rest. And only over his right eye.

These rouge lashes hang OVER his line of sight and drive me bonkers. I’m always trying to brush them out of his way just in case he can see them and they are slowly messing up his focus or something.

So….. what to do? TRIM them? Curl them? Ignore them? Sell them on ebay?

I’m at a loss. A lash induced loss.

What would YOU do?

5 thoughts on “Lashing out.

  1. My first baby had really long lashes too. I love them. I say, keep ’em the way they are. So beautiful.

  2. They are beautiful! The envy of women around the world! I say let them be and point them out to every stranger you see. Totally brag-worthy, they are.

  3. my husbands eyelashes tangle and obscure his vision i suggested he take a clean mascara brush dipped in some watered down hair gel to maybe like lift and stiffen em… he didn’t buy it but it could work…

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