Muscle Man.

Myer has this new trick he does where whenever I put him down to sleep, he pushes himself all the way up on his arms until even his bellybutton is off the mattress. At first, he’s REAL proud of himself and has a big goofy grin on his face. But then, after a minute or two of this insane feat of strength, he starts crying… like “halp me!” crying… because he CAN’T FIND HIS WAY BACK DOWN.

And maybe this makes me an insensitive mamma, but I find this to be absolutely HILARIOUS. And I laugh at him. Outloud. While taking pictures.

He gets even more upset when, after pushing himself up into the cobra pose, his head swings over to the side and flips him over onto his back. This pisses him off so thoughroughly that you’d think someone snuck in there and told him that alllll the boobs in the world had suddenly (and inexplicably) disappeared.

Oh the horror!

A little daddy time makes it all better, though.

He also loves playing with the hair on the left side of his head. He twirls it around in his fingers while he simultaneously sucks on his other hand. This assures me that he will (indeed) be a powerful CEO of a fortune 500 company someday. Because, you know… such a little multi-tasker already! That’s like rubbing your head and patting your belly at the same time- and at only 11 weeks old! Heck, I can’t even do that.


9 thoughts on “Muscle Man.

  1. i LOVE taking pictures of my screaming kids. it cracks me up. i watch katies son and when he rolls from back to front and then gets stuck and cry i have to stifle my laughter. he he

  2. i was going to spend this evening packing for my upcoming cross country move.instead, i read your love story again.i wasn’t even planning on reading the whole thing. i wanted to listen to your songs, so i was checking to see if they were still there…well, one sentence turned into page after page of amazing story.i remember reading it as you wrote it a couple years ago. this time, it’s blessing my life in new and different ways. [and it still made me cry. especially the second proposal. because allllll of the stress of what went on in the previous years was begining to lift off everyone’s shoulders AND proven to be so so worth it.i love that God can move through blogs of all things! he repeatedly uses your life to show me, just like so many people tell you all the time-THANK YOU for writing!when you’re happy or sad, dealing with the pain and confusion of depression and in times of wonderful, WONDERFUL joy…i can either relate or see the light at the end of the tunnel in my own life thanks to what God’s doing in yours. you and your little fam are beautiful. no exaggeration :)

  3. he looks JUST…LIKE…CHRIS ! The hairline, the slope of the forehead. Amazing and so much more handsome than Tiger Woods ! (private family joke)

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