Catherine Gikas Photography

I am so excited right now, I can hardly stand it.

My ridiculously talented friend, Catherine Gikas, just posted the photos she took of Myer when he was a little over a week old.

I’ve NEVER seen such amazing baby photos before- and the fact that they are pictures of Myer makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world!!

You MUST go check out her brand new photography website that she recently launched- browse through the galleries- and if you need photos taken of your family, I highly recommend that you contact her! She’s incredible!!

PLEASE go check out Myer’s debut:


Click on “Proofing”

In the box on the bottom right type “Myer” (case sensitive)

What an amazing gift… Thank you thank you thank you, Catherine!!

17 thoughts on “Catherine Gikas Photography

  1. those are some amazing photos of mr. myer. i think i just fell in love! the one of him looking straight into the camera with his eyes open i think is my fave, and the one with him and ezra( who is looking at the camera) is my second fave. you and chris have 2 very handsome boys.

  2. Those are gorgoues!!I love all of those ones of him naked with just the hats on, but then I like the ones with Ezra too. Oh and the ones of you and your husband with him.So I like them all!! I would have a hard time choosing.

  3. Ok seriously…awesome pics. Too cute for words. I really regret not having a professional photographer take pictures of my son when he was younger. Maybe my next child.

  4. WOW! those are insane! in the best way!the one of ezra leaning over myer with his hair all wild is breathtaking. ezra looks like, i don’t have good descriptive words for it-like he could be in the pictures for a story book of little fawn and faerie children in the woods or something hahamyer looks so so so tiny in the ones with your husband holding him!and the one of him half-smiling is so precious

  5. Wow, those are, indeed, the best baby pictures ever! My favorite is the one with you, Ezra, and Myer! But they are all amazing!

  6. Beautiful! :)I just found your music -through surfing- I forgot how i even got here ;) but it’s awesome!! And your boys are so cute!

  7. wow! wow wow wow!! These are so beautiful and precious that they literally took my breath away. Your Myer is truly an adorable baby. Those lips!! Those smooshy baby lips!! AAHHHH! :)your friend did an AMAZING job. These will be treasured for years and years to come.

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