Baby Love.

This picture makes me want to cry my face off from love and then have more babies. I never thought I was a “baby” person, but OH! I SO AM!

As it turns out, I just needed a chance to get comfortable around babies… and to get comfortable with myself as a mother.

When I had Ezra, it was like I was fighting against the mother in me… I still wanted to cling to the “old emery”. I didn’t want to budge one iota of my identity in order to embrace motherhood- because I was afraid of what I might become. Would I be boring? Stuffy? Paranoid? Would I lose all elements of self and be just another woman pushing a stroller?

Having this second baby has been so freeing for me. Because, Yes!! It’s official!! I am a mother through & through! And you know what? It’s the best thing about me. Being a mom has made me a stronger, more selfless person. And I’ve discovered that you CAN have children without completely losing yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, the ‘old emery’ can take a hike.

I much prefer the woman that these boys are making me.


15 thoughts on “Baby Love.

  1. hey, this is in response to stepping back and this one. I am proud of you! And its so good to remember! things are circumstantial. You know what helps me, when things are hectic, I just laugh! what else can you do?? Your wonderful Emery!

  2. Just want you to know that you encourage me. Being a mother is so amazing. Some days I know I take it for granted. Thanks for sharing. It blesses me and so many others :)

  3. I’m sure this isnt the first time you’ve heard this but, Myer looks EXACTLY like your husband! Hope all is well because I hear your state has had some wicked weather lately.

  4. Wow–that is a GREAT picture!! Love the brown on brown and the little tiny feet and the look on his face!Those are great words – it’s so nice to read of such love, not just of your kids, but of the love you feel towards yourself as a mother. Beautiful.

  5. Even though I am still awaiting the arrival of my first, I was happy to get rid of the old me when taking on the responsibility of a step-mom. It is the best thing in the world looking after and caring for two little ones. I can’t wait to welcome the new one!

  6. Its good you got that with number 2, I am now accepting the mom God has called me to be and I just had baby girl #3 7 weeks ago. God Bless…

  7. i am not really a baby person… BUT… i am enjoying nola being a baby more than i did with ara… i think i know not to take her for granted and i appreciate her gentleness after a day of a hyper two year old saying no and yelling. hmm not that aras not great… just more intense.

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