You Might Be Sleep Deprived If…

1. Within the course of one morning you have misplaced your car keys TWICE- Finding them once in the dryer and once buried in your son’s drawer of Hot Wheels cars.

2. You’re hungry for greasy lunch at 9:50 in the morning.

3. You fall asleep in the bathtub.

4. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and you STILL have not located your missing cup of morning coffee. (oh god could THAT be in the dryer too?)

5. You almost forget to cover yourself up while breastfeeding at the library.

6. Your older son suddenly decides to stop taking naps on the very day that your newborn arrives in this world. Joy of joys!

7. You giggle like a school girl when your sweet little midwife tells you about the ‘fancy new lambskin condoms’ at your first postpartum appointment. Then you turn beet red from embarrassment.

8. You’re having trouble keeping the numbers in order while typing this blog list. (“Is it six and then seven? Or the other way around?”)

9. Wow! This has been *such* a small post for ONE MA-JILLION TYPOS.


11. Oh, sorry, I was staring into space just then.


12. You’re still blissfully happy even though you can’t think straight- because the thing keeping you up at night is this:

Now, if only he’d sleep this peacefully when the sun went DOWN…

15 thoughts on “You Might Be Sleep Deprived If…

  1. I often wonder if new parents ever consider switching their lives to “working nights” I mean it seems like babies sleep all day, so why not join in and then work when the sun goes down…ha

  2. wow i can relate! in jamaica with matthew, we’d wake up for his “anywhere between 3-5am feeding” and we’d sleep until around 9:30 when he needed to be fed again. in the evenings, when he’d eat arund 7 or 9, we’d go to bed and wake up between 10/12am for another feeding, and then sleep again after that.i found that it REALLY helped me deal with the days a little better when i tried to sleep with him between the late night and early morning feedings. also, when i could, i would sleep with him after i ate probably already do something like this but i just thought i’d tell you what helped me.because your list looks SO SIMILAR to how i was when i had a full time baby haha

  3. Even though my baby is almost always a good sleeper, the last few weeks she hasn’t been and I so relate to this. Especially the part about forgetting to cover up. I am always afraid of that happening!

  4. my heart just melts every time i look at your blog!! ahh… i just want to pinch those cheeks and snuggle that little bundle ‘o joy! HEHE!!! you CAN DO IT!! !:-) you are such an inspiring mother!!!

  5. how about13. if you and your huaband go get breakfast and BOTH forget to get the baby out of the car… (seth remembered after we’d bee in there a little while, i didnt even remember i had a baby) scary.and lambskins… thats expensive sex.

  6. I so enjoy reading about this stuff and knowing what I will be facing here shortly! I would take no sleep with a sweet little face like that too. He is just adorable.

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