21 thoughts on “A Tutorial for the Men: "How to Be Sexy."

  1. Ah yes, so true. My husband is a brownie troop dad and volunteers during story time at my daughters school and it is sooooo sexy!

  2. Hey Emery- (This is Meagan Lund btw) Congrats on the new addition to the family! Myer is so adorable and Ezra is as cute as ever :) I have a friend here in Louisville who broke her tailbone on her first delivery. She is having her second child this spring and was hoping she could correspond with someone who experienced the same thing. I wasn’t sure the email I address I have for you is a current one so I thought I would just contact you here. If you wouldn’t mind talking to her, shoot me an email @ meagananne10@hotmail.com. Thanks :)

  3. seriously! My husband and I walked around the beach today, and saw a man w/a baby strapped to his chest, and some kids running around him, and I said, “That’ll be you in some years.” So precious.

  4. Yes! I told my husband that he’s never allowed out of the house with our soon-to-be-born baby alone! Instant woman-magnent! (Puppies work sometimes, too…)

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