My Baby is A Rockstar (And less than one day old!)

Thank you all so much for your well wishes & welcomes to the newest member of our family! We are set to go home today from the hospital, and I cannot wait to have all of us together in our cozy little house again. (That’s probably the BIGGEST appeal to homebirthing for me… once you’re done, you’re at HOME!) All this time in the hospital seems unnecessary (AND BORING) to me, although I DO enjoy some of the perks of as well…


-Room Service
-House Keeping
-Prescription strength ibuprofen (those after pains are a doozie…)
-those great hospital swaddling blankets
-Constant free drink refills and snack accessibility
-and great views of the city from this room of ours!

Everything has gone really smoothly and perfectly since we’ve been here, so I am very thankful for that. I will write more about the birth later, but it was a very different experience from Ezra’s birth because my midwife was actually THERE this time, and we had so much help and support from the moment we walked in… it felt incredible.

Wanted to share a few more pictures for all of you out there, but especially for my family far away that can’t be here with us during this extra special time…

Oh, yes! Re: The mohawk… these really hip and stylish nurses came to give myer his first bath yesterday, and when they brought him back they said they just couldn’t resist “hawking” him because he had the perfect hair for it. HAHA. I (obviously) almost died from the cuteness, and his hair is STILL standing up like that even after an entire night of wearing a baby beanie.

Such a rockstar already.

24 thoughts on “My Baby is A Rockstar (And less than one day old!)

  1. Emery, I’m sorry but I may have to stop reading your blog.I’m sure my poor husband will agree as these heartwrenchingly cute pics of the new babe are chipping away at my willpower and making me want another one of those ASAP.Aaaaahhhhh.I can almost smell the cute baby smell on that sweet little muffin in the last photo.Oh, and I mean the baby..of course…or that would be awkward on multiple levels.

  2. congrats on baby myer! i think i died of cuteness from the picture of ezra and myer. you have such handsome boys. congrats again on the newest little clark.

  3. Emery, he is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pictures of him and Ezra together and him and daddy. Just adorable. Looking at his sweet self makes me long that much more for March to get here.

  4. What a sweetie….both of your boys!! LOVE the name you chose! He is so sweet and looks not one bit like he weighs 8lbs!!! Congratulations, I can’t wait to see him grow and how your family will change and embrace being 4 now!! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Ok so you must tell Myer he is not allowed to get an oz bigger till auntie comes and see’s him March…I know it is quite the task…but his little button cuteness is too much for me to handle and I don’t think I could take it if he gets any cuter……can’t wait to meet you little one.

  6. Hooray! Congratulations, Emery! I am so stoked for you guys and I can’t wait to see more pics :) Some of my favorite people have birthdays on January 12th…Myer is definitely joining the club!God bless you guys!!!!

  7. *swoon* my heart is melting right now. The cutest thing i have ever seen in my whole life! :-) Him and Ezra together will make ALL The girls go crazy!!! :-) what beautiful little boys!

  8. Dear Old (not elderly, but long ago) Pal Emmy Jo, pres and chf of mkting of Fig Leaf Intimate Apparel, you never did tell me that you are a BLOGGING and BIRTHING genius. Who makes beautiful babies, for the record. No doubt your cups are truly running over and you are breastfeeding as readily as you birth…all I can say is, I’m done praying for your lil’ tailbone…the work’s obviously done…it’s time for you to pray some of that birth anointing on me, ha! All kidding aside, all I can say is, wow. You are a spectacle of beauty and godliness. Truly, truly, truly. I’m proud to know ya. Be so blessed with your wee munchkin butt-butt, and may the nations see your sling and praise God. No, for real! I mean it! A SPECTACLE, baby!Love,your old (not elderly) SLO pal, Suzanna

  9. congrats on your newest little bundle of joy! i’ve been reading your blog for a bit and decided i should finally say hello. your boys are amazingly cute! and i love reading your blog – thanks for sharing a part of yourself and your family with us. happy newborn!

  10. Congratulations to you and Chris! I am SO happy for you that your labor was so quick – he is so cute – LOVE the mohawk :) Take care of yourself and Enjoy your new little guy.

  11. they say with each kid the after pains get worse……..i remember then being SO MUCH worse with Z, can you imadgen how they well feel after little whats his butt decides to show up! its gunna rock!

  12. I hardly ever comment here, just being a silent reader, but CONGRATS and the photos of both your boys just melt my heart. Have a blessed first time alltogether!!!

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