37 Weeks and BORED.

37 Weeks.

If I haven’t mentioned it here before, it’s probably because I ran out of babies to wear about 3 years ago, but… I’m very into “baby wearing”. If there’s a way to strap a baby to yourself out there, I know about it and have probably tried it. I know how to make a baby sling using nothing but a bedsheet and a slipknot. I know the kangaroo carry and the hip carry and the cross carry and the rucksack carry. I know how to strap a baby to my back or create a hands-free cradle sleep carry with nothing but a piece of long stretchy fabric, and I know that my baby carriers have gotten much more use than any of my strollers ever did.

On the cusp of this baby arriving, I have found that my brain has been completely hijacked by the subject once again. I have been touching up on my baby-wearin’ skillz and making sure I have everything I need to start wearing this guy right away. I’m suddenly obsessed, is all I’m saying.

Here are the current carriers that I have:

The Ultimate Baby Wrap, in Navy Blue.

The Sleepy Wrap, in Slate Gray.

and the New Native Baby Sling in Black.

I also have two other pieces of fabric that I use as wraps. So… FIVE options. That seems like plenty, no?

Apparently, five is not enough. I am suddenly convinced that I MUST have an adjustable ring sling to make my life complete.

Here’s an example of my dream sling:

…from this etsy shop, but it’s a bit on the pricey side and I will probably just end up borrowing one or getting some fabric and making my own.

So… yeah. This baby needs to come soon because I am bored and have been spending way too much time thinking about all this. BOOORRED.

In other news, I had an appointment on Friday and everything is going great. Baby’s heart sounds excellent, and the little guy is head down just like he should be. I’m feeling good and my hospital bag is FINALLY packed. The car seat is ready, the nursery is ready, the closet is ready, and I’ve even been getting lots of fun goodies in the mail from our amazon baby registry the last couple of weeks. My mom is flying out on the 20th to stay for awhile, and we are hoping the baby will be here by then or by the time she has to leave again… After that, the rest of my family is coming out in mid-February to meet the little guy. Wahoo!

Here are a couple photos of the closet and the nursery as it stands right now:

Chris BUILT these closet shelves from scratch. He never ceases to amaze…

The changing table.

It seems that everything is in order and all that’s left to do is wait. (NOT A STRONG POINT OF MINE.)

PS. Do you like my new blog banner? I rang in the New Year by crouching over my laptop and creating it. I didn’t realize it was a New Year until 12:15 or so. ***MASSIVE BLOG NERD ALERT***

25 thoughts on “37 Weeks and BORED.

  1. I wish we could hang out! Perhaps I’ll get a high-paying jobbie soon and come visit.We have a BUNCH of different baby slings at my store, and I have no idea how they work. A lady took one out of a package today and I had to make my co-worker put it back together because I couldn’t even do that. Lame. And I love the new banner – especially the blue accents.

  2. We have the Ergo carrier and still use it (Andrew is 12 months old – almost 24 pounds – and I can still wear him without it hurting). I have a feeling we’ll be able to use it for a while yet! Love that thing.

  3. You could not get any cuter if someone paid you a thousand trillion dollars. You should seriously be pregnant forever because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of your pregnant style. LOVE every inch of you, daaaahling.

  4. I too have been obsessed with baby wearing. I have a sling, moby and ergo…and I gotta say GET AN ERGO…the beauty is you never have to give up wearing the baby when they are no longer technically a baby. Sometimes I even wear Indy on my back in the ergo and throw the sling over it and put Sabine on the front so I can go completely stroller free…we walk a lot and there have been a few times where I know I don’t have to get them in and out much that I’d just rather wear them both! Yay for baby wearing!The nursery looks killer as do you.much love.

  5. SUCH a great nursery – and OF COURSE you need another sling. If you are going to carry that child for months – make it as fun (and comfortable) as possible! ;)

  6. I LOVE THE NURSERY!!!! Matt and I were out shopping today and I saw a little baby sweater at a store with an owl on it and thought of you. HAHA! Weird that I would think of someone I don’t even actually know… but it happened! Can’t wait to see that little booger!

  7. Making your own ring sling is totally easy and cheap! I love mine and I understand the need for more baby wearing options. :)

  8. Love the new banner! My sister in law makes the slings with the adjustable rings, sells a few of them in town, if you can find fabric that’s easy to find at joanns or someplace, she could probably make you one on the cheap. :)

  9. I made my own sling. The thing is that this is the first time for me to ever use one. So I am totally goin to need to practice with the girls dolls before she comes. The nursery is awesome. It so clean and cute and organized. Just the kind of nursery that I would love. I am right there with you on the whole bored with waiting thing. My 3 yo ask every single day when is the baby coming out.

  10. Love the new banner and the nursery looks great! Have you decided on a name yet? Love the baby slings you can never have to many.

  11. I have a ring sling; it’s so perfect. I also have a babywearing store about three minutes from my house, yay!! I’m going to check out the Ergo when this baby gets bigger, I think.

  12. I am not pregnant and don’t have a child yet but this week I was thinking about you and your baby slings (must be a work of the Holy Spirit) ;) and thought I should ask Emery what slings she likes best just so I know whenever I might need to use one. So thanks for your timely post. I saved it on my computer under baby stuff.

  13. I follow your blog but I don’t post very often. I couldn’t pass up the chance to say you look adorable and I love the nursery. Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of three because soon you will be a family of four!

  14. You also need a mei tai! I still wear Oscar occasionally and he’s 37 pounds.And you are way too cute. I’m jealous of your 37-weeks radiance.

  15. where did you get those amazing boxes?also, i feel you on the baby wraps. I loved my Moby so much. I was pretty sad when Codi was over it. Now I baby sit Katie (Dickey’s) baby and I’m thrilled because I can Moby someone else.

  16. Shannon:The boxes are all from Target. The ones in the changing table were $7.99 each and are a brand called itso.The ones in the closet were $5.50 each and I think they are closetmaid brand or something like that!

  17. Me again, responding to your comment! I actually have 2 Babyhawk mei tais. They’re amazing, and on the website you can customize your fabrics – I think you can even send in your own fabric if you want. There are tons of different kinds of mei tais, but I’m pretty confident in saying that Babyhawks are perfect in every way. :)

  18. Hey I wanted to let you know that I left you a blog award. Come by and get it when you can.Thanks for commenting. It is nice when someone as famous as you comes by and leaves a comment. Makes me feel like a celebrity.:0)

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