A Christmas Snapshot.

Let me just say that I am feeling so happy and blessed right now that I could probably puke sparkles and tinsel if I felt like it. (Which… I don’t.) Chris and Ezra are napping after the Christmas bliss (I should be too, I got 4 hours of sleep last night simply because I was too excited to turn off my smile), and the house is clean and quiet. My husband cooked Christmas Eve dinner last night and then made breakfast this morning and then cleaned the house after the mayhem.

I… wobbled around and took a bath with my new lavender bath powder (THANKS, DAD!!!!!!!) I may never leave the tub again!

My hubby got me super amazing PJs for the hospital stay after the birth because I had been stressing about finding the right comfy, warm, nursing friendly pajamas for well over a month now without buying anything for myself. He also got me a robe and… get this… COMFY PANTS THAT I CAN ACTUALLY WEAR!! I no longer hate pants.

Here’s some photos of the joy that took place in my living room early this AM. The first is a dictated letter to Santa- word for word- from Ezra himself.

So. great.

Merry Christmas to everyone- and to our lovely and dear family spread out all over the country– WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Snapshot.

  1. Hey Emery!We miss you guys. You Look AMAZING girl. It will all be over soon and you will have a beautiful boy in your arms. We love you!

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