Our Nursery… on a Budget.

Well… what can I say? The nursery turned out even more amazing than I ever dreamed it could have. My husband put in hours and hours of work to pull it all off, and as it stands right now, we’ve only put about $400 into the project. That includes painting/wainscoting materials, furniture, and EVERY SINGLE OTHER THING in the entire room. So… we rocked it and should totally be on one of the trillion “room on a budget” shows that are out there.

Or maybe we’ll just start a show of our own. LOOK OUT HGTV!

All the furniture was given to us or loaned to us or found on the side of the street and revamped by my husband.

I like to think of the room as having a “vintage modern” feel to it. Some of the accessories are modern, as well as the curtains, but the bedding and the owls and the chair (not pictured) give everything a vintage-y feel as well. At least, that’s what I was aiming for. I could be waaaaay off. Maybe it’s just a crazy hodge-podge. (I’m totally okay with that too, BTW.)

The wall color is not entirely discernible in these photos due to the lighting, but just picture the most wonderfully perfect brown that there ever was, and you’ll be just about there.

We’ve still got some things to hang, (possibly some shelves?) and some more little owl knick-knacks to place here and there, and some organizing/cleaning everything up to do, but we are mostly DONE.

Next obstacle to tackle: THE CLOSET. (ohdearlord have mercy.)

More photos will come soon… this is just a little taste because I was just too excited to wait to show you all the results. I think it turned out AMAZING!

PS. That little card on the blue dresser is a Christmas card that Ezra made for baby brother today at church. **insert sound of heart melting to goo HERE**

We’re all so so so excited to meet this little guy… it’s kindof absolutely ridiculous.

19 thoughts on “Our Nursery… on a Budget.

  1. Now I am so curious seeing some letters up on the wall…and if you’re, you know, bored over the next six weeks, I have a whole entire house that could use some paint and wainscoting. Looking good!

  2. um….. HOW CUTE IS ALL THIS!!!! Wow, I love love love it, it turned out so perfect. A wonderful room for that brand-new boy of yours. I can’t wait to “meet” him either!!and I have to add the clamor and ask about ER too!! Please do tell. :)

  3. The “ER” mystery… is it the end of a name? The end of a word?? Oh the suspense!Time will tell, my friends, time will tell…

  4. Love, love, LOVE it!! I love wainscotting. I may copy you someday when i actually have a nursery.. Our nursery is decorated in the “office” theme. Papers, files, dry erase boards…it’s in these days :)-Harmony

  5. Hi Emery Jo, We would be interested in featuring the details of your nursery to our readers. Please visit us at projectnursery.com and contact us if you are interest. You did an awesome job. Thanks for your consideration!

  6. you guys are GOOD! (how exciting about the above comment too, heh??!!) You definitely have an eye for that kind of stuff. I only wish I did, I am a lost cause when it comes to decorating. My sister is really good at it though, so I just employ her :) Hope you guys have a very merry Christmas and I am praying that everything goes well with your labor and the birth of your precious little boy!

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