32 (and a half!) Weeks Pregnant.

Y’all… I’m hugenormous. I’ve “popped”. And if I hear one more “basketball smuggling” joke I may just go and hibernate for the rest of the winter. Heck, I may do that anyways- basketball reference or no… I am far too unbalanced to be walking around and stuff.


Seriously though, I’m still feeling pretty darn tootin’ great. I don’t do much these days… I pretty much just sit around and then lay around and then take another bath and read my book. I’m going through books like they were hotcakes. I feel like I should be exercising or walking around the neighborhood everyday, but I don’t do it. I draw another bath instead. And have some more eggnog.

I’m probably averaging 3 baths a day at this point. (Sorry for the upcoming water bill, honey!) It just feel so good to FLOAT for a minute and be warm. I’ve also taken to another disturbing quirk that happened last time I was pregnant as well. I have this Lavender “bath powder” that I got from someone probably 5 years ago. It’s almost gone, but I refuse to use the last of it because, multiple times throughout the day (while preggo), I will stop what I’m doing, go open the container, and SMELL the yumminess inside. Just smell it for a second or two- and then continue on my day. Is this strange? I can’t stop myself. In fact, I’m smelling it now.

I told Chris he only needs to start worrying about me if I start cutting lines and snorting the stuff. THEN WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM.

YES. I’ve moved this nearly empty container halfway
across the country with me, and into four different houses.
NO. They don’t make the stuff anymore. *sniff*

This baby is rockin’ and a rollin’ inside of me, and tap dancing on my bladder, and making it more and more difficult to sing due to the fact that my diaphram is now MIA somewhere inside my body. He gets the hiccups a lot at night right when I lay down to go to sleep, and it’s cute.

I’m going to try to take a tour of the Labor & Delivery Ward tomorrow, and get my pre-registration packet for the hospital admittance for when I go into labor. I’ve started doing fun things, too, like putting together a little online registry for family far away, and GET THIS, my dear friends Rebecca & Leanne are hosting a BABY SHOWER for me soon!! I’m so excited, I can’t even stand it.

On my list of things to do still: Get stuff squared away with the insurance company for when this little dude makes his arrival, and start thinking of what to pack in the hospital bag. I may be two months out still, but you just never know. Also- track down a rocker/glider of some sort. (Woe! I have no chairs that move!)

Hello, Preparedness! (It’s the girl scout in me…)

As per the “name” situation: DON’T ASK. I’m turning prematurely gray with the stress of it all over here. I just can’t seem to get my heart to SETTLE on one. Lord have mercy! Like I said, I enjoy being prepared. This whole naming fiasco has gotten that little Girl Scout inside of me into a screaming tizzy. It’s hard to feel “ready” when there are visions of birth certificates with “That Baby” written in the blank dancing in one’s head.

Arrrrgg! I think I’ll go take another bath.

22 thoughts on “32 (and a half!) Weeks Pregnant.

  1. fret not on the name front. one of my dear friends had not made up their mind until they left the hospital with their little girl. While visiting everyone just called her “Baby A” since both options were “A” names.

  2. That’s so funny that your friends “Rebecca and Leanne” are throwing you a party – because that is my first AND middle name. I feel like you are subliminally telling me I need to throw you a party. heehee.

  3. Okay, I couldn’t stop sniffing my homemade laundry detergent when I was pregnant (just a couple of weeks ago). I don’t know what it is that brings that on, but I upped my vitamin intake on the assumption that maybe something was missing from my diet. I totally get the preparedness thing too. I got my bag ready three or four weeks ahead of time then my babe showed up early. I wasn’t even done packing. So you’re on the right track! You never do know. Dont’ fret the name game. You may not know til you see him. So what. God knows his name and He will make sure you do to, when you need to know. Just enjoy this time and don’t let anything steal your joy. This is a precious time and it will soon be over, and you’ll have new worries. Don’t let this one get to you. You’ll figure it out! Hang in there and enjoy all your yummy baths :)

  4. I too have been bath obsessed since my baby belly starting popping. They feel so wonderful!Don’t worry – once you meet the little man the name will stick. I’m sure of it. Be thankful you get to pick your baby’s name. If we’re having a boy our name has already been picked for us…that’s what comes from marrying the 5th Richard Hosking! Heaven forbit there not be a 6th!

  5. You are sooo cute that I’m having a serious bout of baby fever right about now!I heart baths in a big way. I took 4 baths while I was in labor.

  6. i have an empty bottle of aloe from 2 summers ago that still holds the scent. sometimes i randomly stop what im doing and smell it, too.

  7. YOU HAVE POPPED!!!! WOW!!!!As far as names go– I heard the name “Oliver” the other day and I swooned. I love that name! I think it’s so cute and you don’t hear it very often these days… :-) just a little help. I also decided the other day while reading the Bible that I love the name “Silas”…

  8. a short story. speaking of names. ever since i was little i’ve daydreamed and sleepdreamed of naming my children. kind of obsessed with it. kind of weird. anyways. summer 2007 before moving to jamaica i whispered to God that if he gave me a son i would name him mateo. so weird i never knew why that went through my head. then when i was living in the orphanage in jamaica winter 07-08, i was asked to be a house mom to very sick and dying baby whose name was matthew! then i fell in love with him more than any other child i’ve ever taken care of. now, i’m moving into a house and having adoption papers mailed from jamaica and i decided his name will be mateo vincent. vincent because he was strong and victorious and didn’t die.i called jamaica today-he took his first steps today! he turns 1 on monday the 8th of dec!anyhow.it was driving me crazy, what to call this baby if and when i get him. in the hospital, i’d wrap him up with me in my hoodie and call him mateo in sweet whispery songs.it’s so fun reading your pregnancy updates!!!!!!!! are you turning any of it into songs? i’m thankful that you take the time for blogging about it and i’m praying for you and your fam. and you made me want that lavender bath powder. i’m just dreeeaming of how delicious it must smell!

  9. Awww! You look precious. Yeah, I hate the smuggling basketball reference too. :) The name will come to you. And there’s nothing wrong with preparedness. I didn’t have a bag packed for Bayley and she was 7 weeks early. I didn’t even have clothes to bring her home in, since she was in the nursery for a week afterwards and I didn’t know when she’d be discharged.It all falls into place. :)

  10. you are the most beautiful, happy pregnant Mommy I have ever seen!I think it’s about time for you to begin shopping for some more lovely lavender scent to get you through the next couple years. It will be worth it!!

  11. you give pregnant ladies a complex with how cute you are! enjoy those baths and have you considered the name lavendario? just a thought. ;-)

  12. I’m going to post this anonymously because I have never admitted this to anyone…The last two months of my first pregnancy I needed the smell of rosemary. It was so comforting and calming. I would sniff it straight from the essential oil bottle. I would make rosemary bath salts for my three or four baths a day. I went through 40 pounds of epsom salts in those two months.

  13. oh my goodness, you’re so adorable I can hardly stand it!! How do you manage to have that beautiful big belly and stay so teeny everywhere else?? Sheesh, some people. It’s just not fair. ;) seriously though, you look beautiful and just how you should look. You’re getting so cloooooose! Yay!love the hat, by the way.

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