The Tiniest of Joys.

The veggies are chopped, the kitchen is clean, the blueberry pie is in the fridge, and the timetable is all written out for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal.

I’m so domestic right now it hurts.

I am thankful for my lovely house and my family and the ability to put together a meal to celebrate over tomorrow. I am thankful for the big, dusty box in the attic that holds every one of our Christmas decorations in it- a box we will be getting down and busting open at some point tomorrow.

I am thankful for all-day marathons of ‘The Christmas Story’ and crisp, clear weather and piles of dried leaves.

I am thankful for my family in Reno, and I am missing them so deeply it almost physically aches.

I am grateful for budding life and bubble baths and the smell of lavender. For a good glass of wine now and again and the thick copy of “Little Women” sitting on my nightstand.

Also- crushed ice.

It’s the little things, this year. The things that quietly make me rich- so humble and simple that I almost forget they are there.

May God bless you all in abundance with the tiniest of joys, and Happy (happy! happy!) Thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “The Tiniest of Joys.

  1. I’ll be reading “The Tiniest of Joys” to your family in Reno today before dinner. Problem is, I’ll blubber, snort and sniff. Maybe I’ll let Jared read it ? I am thankful for my children…they are amazing.

  2. stumbled across your blog randomly. yay.i’m not so good at being domestic.but i have family near i know how you feel there.i’m going there in december. i can’t wait. oh, and i’m from okc. and i love owls. hope your holiday was well. :P

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