I did all my turkey day food shopping this morning and then planned to go to a couple of thrift stores nearby to look for 1) a gravy boat, and 2) a big platter dish for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I came home with these instead:

A ceramic bowl that will be perfect for the cranberries I’m making, and a vintage owl perfume bottle that will look awesome in the nursery when it’s all done.
Total cost: $5.

This Fisher-Price Jumperoo jumper that I saw online and wanted but wasn’t willing to pay $80 for. This thing is in perfect condition and looks like it has never been used even once. And I got it for $20. Woo woo!

Aaaaaand Ezra’s new BFF- the remote controlled big spaceship. Cost: $3.

I also saw this carseat & base at the thrift store for only $6, and contemplated buying it, but didn’t in the end. Now I’m wondering if I should have.
It’s a Combi seat- really good quality- and it seemed a lot lighter than the infant seat we had for Ezra. Shoot darn. I totally should have bought it, huh? Regret!

So… anywho… no gravy boat or turkey platter… but still… weeee! I’ll just slap the turkey on the table and tell people to scoop the gravy from the pot with their bare hands. (We do things fancy ’round these parts, you know.)


Also- thanks to all you who helped me with my outfit dilemma!! The red dress got the most votes, which was GREAT, but wouldn’t you know it? The day of the wedding I felt gross and went with something dark and completely different to hide my girth. And I didn’t get any photos of it. So… please don’t hate me. I’m a lousy cheater and I should have just listened to your advice. Bad me! Bad! Bad!!!


6 thoughts on “Thrift-tastic!

  1. I sure you looked beautiful. I love your finds they are fabulous for that price and excellent condition. I have nominated you for a blog award, I hope you enjoy!

  2. seriously you have the best thrift stores in ok. i really want one of those jumperoos but can only find them at consignment stores here for like 65 bucks. crazy. my beat is garage sales. i find mostly junk but it’s 25 cent junk. can’t beat it!

  3. emery – i admire the awesome deals you seem to always stumble upon at your local thrift stores. wish i had an eye for great stuff like you do!one thing i’d be careful of though, is buying a used carseat from someone you don’t know. in my opinion, your child’s safety isn’t something to compromise on – and when you don’t know the original owner, you can’t verify if the seat has ever been in an accident or not. so – buy new or buy/get from someone you know and trust – better to be safe than sorry!happy holidays!

  4. Thrift shopping is the best. It is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I’m hoping to get an opportunity to go more now that my son is older. I love shopping for clothes and things for the house. I very rarely like anything you can find in the mall. The only exception I usually make is expensive jeans because I swear by the way they fit. I agree with TLee about the carseat. If you need to buy one, I have a Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat that I will be selling soon. My son has already outgrown it. He’s huge. We’re buying him a new one for Christmas. Ohhh and I’m totally envious of that bowl and owl perfume bottle. Those are some awesome finds.

  5. I love your deals but i agree that it was a good idea to skip the carseat. You have no way of knowing whether it has been in any sort of incident and when it comes to baby, that stuff is worth buying new or getting from a trusted friend no longer in need of it. all of your outfits were cute so I’m sure you looked great. take care!

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