I Need Your Help. {Outfit Emergency.}

The event: Wedding. Tomorrow.
The dilemma: Pregnant… What to wear?!?!
The need: Your “never-fail-me” opinions, pleaseeee!

Note: Accessories are not shown in these photos… I will probably end up wearing tights because EGAD those legs look like bug zappers, and I will definitely be in need of a coat due to the lovely frost in the air.

If you’re so inclined, heeeellllp meeeee pleeeaseee! Red, brown, or black?

(Or- “none of the above… stay at home and hide under the covers in your mu mu.”)

36 thoughts on “I Need Your Help. {Outfit Emergency.}

  1. oooh a pretty pregnant mama!you look swell in the black number. i’m totally crushing on this dress right now.the red one is also pretty, so 2nd choice ;) it has great potential, especially with tights or a cardigan that has more texture or a pattern.good luck, and say NO to MUMUS!val

  2. I absolutely love the red one. I guess it would depend on the people getting married but I think the red one fits with the classiness of a wedding…and red is perfect for a fall wedding!

  3. Thanks thanks thanks ladies! Here are the results so far:Black: 3Red: 2Brown: Should probably be burned in a pile of leaves.Keep the votes comin’!

  4. how fancy of a wedding is it? fancier go with the red one. less fancy the black lacey one. i can’t say i’m a big fan of the last one… oh i just saw your comment.

  5. oh wait, i guess i’m color blind. i really like the middle one. but i really dont like the last one… which i now see is the black one. hmm… it just looks a bit short…. maybe your into that kinda thing ;) which is cool too.

  6. First off you look adorable in all three and can I just say I love that you are smiling in every photo…anyways I agree with Skylana Red for more dressy and the apparently brown one otherwise…I don’t hate the black one but I think it would look better non maternity. you are so darn cute.

  7. I like the brown one the most, but do you have a wrap or something to tie around your shoulders? It begs for some kind of top.Also like the red, and the black one is cute but the skirt is too short.

  8. OH YOU SHOULD SOOOO WEAR THE RED, YOU LOOK SO CLASSY AND MODEL-ISH IN IT… PLEAAASE! LoL… Haha, but most importantly wear what makes you feel like you’re in a music video for ‘I’m Walking on Sunshine’ – LoL… that’s how I work out what to wear and when.

  9. You guys are awesome!! So far…Red: 12Brown: 4Black: 4(I agree the black one looks short- but I think with some thick tights & a a cardigan, it would be fine, although it is the 'tighter fitting' of the three- so maybe less comfortable.) Red vote is kicking booty! I have until about 3pm [Central] to get ready, so feel free to keep throwing in your opinions til then!Thanks again!

  10. Definitely the red one! But I agree with your mom…if it is daytime go with the red, night go with the black.

  11. Hope it’s not too late to leave my two cents…but i LOVE the brown! It’s amazingly amazing… to die for …yes. If not the brown, then definitely the black. Not a huge fan of the red. Brown brown browny for sure. : )

  12. they are all SO cute and sassy . . . i desired to be a sexy pregnant lady instead of just a cute one, and you pull it off nicely. i think my vote goes to the red one. i liked wearing color when i was pregnant because i felt so frumpy. all of them fit very flatteringly though, so you are safe with any.

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