There’s nothing that says “good morning!” like cleaning up a trail of your kid’s sick that leads from the living room, down the entire hallway, and all over the bathroom.

Ezra has been throwing up since Sunday. And I have been UP TO MY EYEBALLS in cleaning him up, the floors up, his bed up, and myself up after all the messy clean up. My washing machine has not had a rest. (BTW- Thank you God for washing machines.)

the sicky boy sitting in his sicky bowl.

The strange thing is, he seems fine when he’s not throwing up. But then, out of the blue, he throws up again.

Icing on the cake! Yesterday, I started to feel sick too. I was cleaning up after Ezra and I almost lost it myself. And since then, I have felt very yucky and my throat is sore. I’m exhausted. My body feels like it’s grinding itself up. I crawled into bed super early last night and just passed out after I finally got Ezra to bed. What a day.

Other frustrations that are adding to the madness in my household: The heater isn’t working. I’m freezing. And the power keeps flickering off a few times a day- just enough to reset ALL the clocks and mess up the internet for a half an hour or so.

I… want my mommy. *sniff*

PS. Thank you God for pillow forts, too.

10 thoughts on “Commiseration.

  1. wow. that is literally my WORST nightmare. i’m so sorry. you dont keep a big bowl next to him at all times? that’s what my mom did and i never threw up anywhere but in the toilet or the bowl. once on a blanket, but that’s it. when you guys were here two years ago and seth got sick he was the same way in between he didn’t seem sick and he felt ok then all of a sudden… puke. scary.

  2. skylana- the sicky bowl has not left his side, but he just forgets to USE IT. He made it to the toilet once… that was nice. Poor dude.

  3. poor dear!! I am so sorry for all the sick that is happening over there right now, and I hope Ezra and you feel better really soon. Hopefully he’ll stop puking so you can take care of yourself for a bit. :) Bundle up and stay warm!!

  4. ooh you do need momar to come make you soup and take care of you.maybe if enough of your friends leave sad sympathetic comments she won’t be able to stand it and will jump on a plane and come see you….mwahhahahaha….that was my plotting laugh.hang in there dear.

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