Dear Internets, Am I Crazy?

If you had the chance to get the perfect part time job, but you were SEVEN MONTHS pregnant, would you even attempt to go for it?

I am unsure what working 20 hours a week would look like with a newborn.

Anyone have experience with this or advice for a confused mamma like me?

20 thoughts on “Dear Internets, Am I Crazy?

  1. Well, I am all about diversifying life. And now with Chris’s family there, perhaps this is something that you could do and really enjoy. I’d say try it out and if you don’t like it, quit. But giving it a chance would be good.

  2. Hi EmeryBeing a working mom is one of the hardest things I could ever imagine being. I tend to err on the side of having high expectations for myself. Having a job outside of them home makes me feel like I am completely imperfect- not enough time in the day and in my heart to do it all and be it all for anyone, let alone me. My dream is to be a stay at home mom but while this is what I have been given, I try to find the positive, like having an outlet for adult conversation and an adult dimension to myself. I never quite feel like anyone is getting the best of me though. It’s hard :( ~Allegra

  3. I say go for it! Well, only if you really have to, financially and/or mentally. I LONGED to be a SAHM when my baby was born because all I did was surf the internet all day at work and wait for the precise second that my computer said 5:00 so I could race to the daycare and pick up my baby. It is a hard choice, but I think I would do it only if our family needed the money. But, it sounds like your dream job too, so that’s even better! I hated my job. I’ve hated all of my jobs until I became a Mommy and knew it was the right one for me! Good luck!

  4. well since i am a working mom i think tit is awesome. i actually bring codi to work with me, which in my eyes is like being a stay at work/home mom. and i can say this much having two YOU REALLY NEED SOME TIME ALONE. a few things to ponder. is it close enough to your house that chris could walk the baby down for a lunch break nursing…that way you still see him but you still get you’re alone might be nice for you to feel like you are contributing more to the house besides only being a mom. seriously do you know how often i tell rob, i feel like i’m nothing but a mom anymore, i feel like i’m only praised for my mothering qualities. personally i say go for it. i would love 20 hours of blissful alone time. to have adult conversations, and quiet time, and ADULT CONVERSATIONS. If you’re anything like me, two is going to make you crave some Emery time more then you’ve ever known, and why not get paid for it eh?

  5. How much time would you get off after the baby? Those first few months are rough and not having the pressure of being someplace might be nice. I tried going back to school when my first was born and it lasted all of one day. He was 10 weeks old. I was gone for 4 hours. I picked him up from my mil went home and cried and told my husband that night that I was not going back. I love being home full time but I have a good support system too with other moms and my church. My personal feeling is that I have the freaking rest of my life to get a job (and education) so why put everything on my plate at one time if I absolutely don’t have to. This time is about the kids but my time will come, when it will be about me and my goals. It does seem some jobs are more condusive to momming than others, though, so it really is a personal decision. You seem very intuitive and wise and you will make the right choice. Good luck to you!

  6. i wanted to get a job around that time when i was pregnant too… whatever you decide you can handle it’ll work out, and if not you can quit… but as a person who has a newborn at this very second… and also an older child…. i’d say working 20 hours a week would be insane…. unless you found a way to make your baby sleep through the night at a very, very young age. i think its totally possible i just think the only thing that would make it hard for me is waking up every two hours all night and then being with the kids all day, or waking up and working and then coming home and being with the kids would be very exhausting running on hardly any sleep. once nola sleeps all night… i will be all about a job if daycare can work out somehow :)

  7. I would say it depends on how understanding your boss is. Clearly, you would have to take a bit of time off around the birth (AT LEAST a week, maybe more). Would they be okay with that? If so, I would totally go for it. But I’m kind of partial… I’m a working mom (30 hours/week) and I LOVE it. :)

  8. I was in the SAME situation one baby ago! I was 7 months pregnant with our second baby and was offered a job scheduling for an attorney from home. I almost didn’t take it because of the timing, but I’m SO glad I did. It’s the perfect job for me. I work about 10 – 15 hours/week. If anything it give our days more structure. We have 3 little ones now and it’s just part who we are. Go for it!

  9. Wellll, my husband is a librarian, so I say, GO FOR IT!!!! Seriously though, I agree with everyone else…Give it a go…I work part time and manage Asha well. She is happy, we are blessed, but then again, I only have one child…ok, not helpful…hmmm…Love Cathx

  10. My questions are more like: who watches the baby and Ezra while you’re at work? Can you afford that? And can you handle the lack of sleep and still having to be somewhere later in the day?But aside from those, it might be good for you to get some YOU time, doing something with adults, etc. Can you take time off while baby is in the waking up every 2 hour phase?Either way, you’ll do whats best for you. :) Good luck!

  11. give it a try…. it sounds like something you would like doing!! :-) yay for being SEVEN MONTHS ALREADY!!! WHOA!!!! :-) I’m ready to see this baby boy already!!!

  12. you won’t know if you love it or hate it unless you try…on the other hand, you won’t know what you’re missing out on if you never do it. What does your husband think?

  13. I guess im the only one who doesnt think its a good idea. One, with the job force as bad as it is right now, im sure most companies are going to pick the non pregnant girl who wont be asking for a lenghty time off in a few months. secondly, I think from here on out your energy is only going to decrease, if you use all your energy at your job and are exhausted when you come home that wont be fun for Chris and Ezra. Third, i had a job when we lived in santa margarita, it worked out well in the sense that i went to work when casey got home, but i got home after both boys were in bed and while at work i only longed to be home with casey and nehemiah, i felt like i was missing out. If its not a financial need i would say dont do it. If you have the need to do something, find a place to volunteer a few hours a week. Where there is no set in stone commitment. Well that what i think… you will figure out what is best for you.

  14. I guess my thought is like Skylana’s…I live with Suzanna right now who has a 6 week old, and I cannot imagine her needing to be at work a couple times a week — mostly because of the sleep issue. That baby really likes to be up in the night! ;) And, you never know how nursing is going to go, if that’s what you’re doing…it might go really smoothly, or it might be rough and that would probably make you not all that excited to jump out of the house every day… can’t wait to hear what you decide, and I cannot wait to see this baby! :)

  15. Wow you got a lot of advice I don’t think you need mine but i’m going to give it to you anyways…I work 20 hours a week 6am to 11am my job gave me 4 months off of work which was really nice. I’m really tired when i get home but there is no down time since my kids don’t really nap anymore (except for the 6 month old.) my mom watches them in the morning so i don’t have to pay for childcare or else it wouldn’t be worth it. i mostly work for the benefits anyway. i do love the break from the kids and when i get off work i can hardly wait to see them!!!!

  16. hey emery,A part job at what looks like a library sounds heavenly. Trying to manage work and family is not easy! I’d say go for it, if you hate it and don’t need it, quit. I love working and i love my son, but hands down being a full time stay at home mom was SUPER hard for me–i would say harder than working full time at a pretty darn stressful job. By me working and sharing the responsibility of rasing Ethan with my husband and friends and family who love him and watch him while I am at work, it has been good for all of us. Relationships have grown in all directions. I went back to work part time when Ethan was eight weeks old and still breast fed and had no problems. Just be ready to have to plan a little more. Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

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