PS. Speaking of facebook… let’s be friends! You can join the ‘moms are for everyone!’ network and also follow my daily vomitous sputterings! (aka status updates.)

Here’s a sampling of some actual recent status updates so that you can see the excellence and caliber of what you’ve been missing:

**Emery is running out of shirts that will cover her massive baby belly. I think I’ll only wear mumus from now on! 8:47am

**Emery is avoiding the grocery store! 10:52am

**Emery bored! 8:56pm

**Emery is making a toasted ham sandwich! BOO YA!! 12:53pm

Isn’t that gripping? Doesn’t it just pull you in and make you want more, more, MORE? And, if you act now, you’ll receive the guaranteed satisfaction of knowing that you’ll never again be in the dark when I do things like “sit around”, “make tea”, or the ever classic “BEING TIRED”.

Really… it’s the offer of a lifetime! A WHOLE LIFETIME!

6 thoughts on “Infomercial.

  1. true. I’m not a huge facebook-er, but I go on from time to time and have ridiculous status updates like that as well. I know that I live for the BEING TIRED updates myself. :D

  2. hahah facebook… i got on there to be friends with our friends in england then everyone here who i’m already friends with on myspace started adding me and i got annoyed. …. plus i dont get ANYTHING on there… buuuuuuuuut you can always email me to let me know you’re sitting around… or making tea :)

  3. I thought about that last night. That could work, but what an ordeal! Well, it may come to that. At least until she starts to like it. I just got this cheap little mesh cradle thing that might work. We’ll see.

  4. Emery, YOU WIN! Yep, it is Alanis.Not As We is a single off her new album and I really like that song. I figured someone would google those words. But, you got it on face recognition. Extra points. I will have to mail you a prize.

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