23 Weeks Pregnant

I have kindof lost track of how many weeks along I am, because when I went in for my ultrasound they said I was measuring TWO WHOLE WEEKS bigger than I actually was. So… now I’m all… does that mean I actually am two weeks ahead of projected baby time? Or does that just mean this boy is mumbo?

Heck, I dunno. I just follow what the little baby elephant says in my sidebar. Because I trust that little elephant. He ain’t done me no wrong.

I am feeling extra super great these past few weeks. I’ve got energy and a baby bump and I can still fit into some of my pants. (Uh… sortof.) I can eat whatever I want without having to consult a queasy stomach beforehand. And, this baby is rocking and rolling inside of me… kicking and pushing so hard against me that sometimes I am convinced that he could already whoop me in an arm wrestling match if he had the chance.

His little thumps make me jump and start and wince … something I NEVER remember feeling with Ezra. Ezra’s kicks were always so pleasant and demure. Like… “Pardon me mother, may I bump you a tad?”

This baby is like… “JUDO CHOP!!! oh. sorry. was that your liver?”

On a completely unrelated note- today was the first ‘good hair day’ I’ve had in MONTHS. Soooo, I took a picture. And wanted to thank you all again for helping me through the agonizing hell known as ‘growing out my hair’. I think it’s finally starting to pay off…

16 thoughts on “23 Weeks Pregnant

  1. seriously, you are darling. that baby bump makes me jealous cause I just got FAT=) and yippee for good hair! I’m loving the long do’s on you.

  2. cute shoes AND hair! i was going to comment on your cute hair before i even read that it’s your first good hair day in months. so cheers to that :)

  3. ahhh the good ol days…. i just entered the pissed phase. i’m done. i’m ready, i’m huge… i’m TIRED. haha… arabella was a crazy crazy mover and this one is very very mellow, but she does kick me in my bladder and my ribs, which ara didn’t do ONCE. weird. ara is a non stop little lady, so i’m hoping this one is chill as crap. oh and i measured 4 weeks ahead a while ago, then on, then 2 weeks ahead… so we’ll see what happens at this next appt. interesante. its better to pretend like your due date is which ever one is later though… you know.

  4. I had a Judo Chopper, too. My coworkers got used to me jumping all over the place like a bag of popcorn…I NEVER had to do kick counts because he NEVER stopped movingAnd watch out, because he STILL has never stopped moving. My kid is the BUSIEST, MOVINGEST kid ever. And he still likes to kick whatever is near his feet. :P

  5. Best time to grow your hair out is during pregnancy!! :)And you look just precious. I can’t wait to see you just before you deliver.

  6. look at your PERFECT pregnant belly!! It’s gorgeous. Short and fat (at least right now, I’m still in that “awkward” stage) little me is slightly envious of your skinny tall self who is nothing but baby. Jealous in a very loving and extremely-happy-for-you way, of course. :)The hair looks lovely! It’s SO nice when it gets past a certain point. I loved your descriptions of both your boys and how they kicked you. I guess you can already see the personality differences– how funny is that!!

  7. hey…really nice postI just found out that I’m 6 weks pregnant, would like to start a blog but not really sure…

  8. Yeah for the second trimester! That was always my favorite part too. The sickness is gone, your have so much energy, and you are started to look pregnant rather than just plump. Enjoy it!

  9. Congrats on the end of the sick stomach. Never fun. I also just found out that I’m pregnant. WHOOHOO! Are you going to tell us the name you pick for the baby when it’s finally decided?Beth

  10. miss you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! can we come visit in December when we don’t have any weddings to shoot?!

  11. I came to your blog through a friend’s and just wanted to say you look great! And measuring a few weeks ahead probably means you are! congrats on that too!!

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