20 Weeks Pregnant.

I’m about three hours away from finding out what this precious baby is. To say I am excited would be an understatement.

This feels like such a big deal, because… well, because it potentially is. If this baby is a boy, we may try to have another child in the future… and keep hoping for a girl. (Or we may eventually adopt.) If this baby is a girl, we may be done.

I say all of this very loosely, because we really have not come to any solidly concrete decisions on all of this, and God ALWAYS has the go-ahead to change our hearts and minds on things… To change our plans without warning or explanation. But this is just what were tenatively feeling for now. (And, oh! How my husband needs a little girl! Thinking about it turns me all to motherly goo!)

So, this feels huge.

Anywho, I am just so stinkin’ excited. Finding out the gender last time was a big help in connecting and bonding with the life growing inside of me, and I know that this time around it will be the same. There’s just something about whispering a name to an otherwise unknown child that feels so intimate and… weighty. Acknowledging the worth and existence of an unseen joy.

Hopefully this baby bean will cooperate today. If it doesn’t, that’s fine. But hopefully it will.

Stay tuuuuuned.

11 thoughts on “20 Weeks Pregnant.

  1. I’m thinking boy, too, but who am I to voice my thoughts? lol.I can’t wait to find out!And you and Stephanie are just about the cutest prego girls I’ve ever seen!!

  2. Its a girl because your stomach is poking straight out, boys usually sit low.

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