Miracles- they be happening!

I met with my midwife this morning and was reminded of how much I really do love her. She’s like a breath of fresh, midwife-y air. I explained to her the situation with the ultrasound, and how I was so very upset about it all, and she completely agreed. She said “Let me figure out what’s going on here and call you at home later today… I’m not really comfortable waiting until your 23rd week for your ultrasound.”

I could have leapt off of my paper covered table and kissed her on the mouth.

I checked with the diagnostic center before I left my appointment this morning just to see if they’d had any cancellations. They said they hadn’t.

So, around 2:00 this afternoon, I get a call from the diagnostics center. They said they had just spoken with my midwife, and GUESS WHAT? Suddenly they have openings for tomorrow at 2:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon.


So, of course I chose the 2:30 slot.


So, thank you thank you thank you for your good vibes and support. It just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to keep asking until you finally ask the right person. All it took was the right person.

So… stay tuned for tomorrow’s big news.

Any guesses on what this baby is?!

(*I’m still feeling boy…*)

13 thoughts on “Miracle!

  1. yeeeeeee!I loved my midwife, and my doula, because they didn't take no for an answer or crap from any so-called medical professional.can't wait!! <3

  2. YAAAAAY……..YAAAAAY!I kept trying to think of something comforting to say yesterday but nothing sounded intelligent or helpful in my head. But now I can rejoice with you!If it’s a girl, I think you should name her Hallelujah.

  3. Oh yeah!!! I’ll be checking back for sure! If you think it’s a boy, then by golly, you’re the mommy…I’ll go with boy. Hope you have a fabulous utlrasound my dear!

  4. AAAAAHHHH!!! Today is the day! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to know what you are having and all the fun stuff. So glad it is working out for you!

  5. oh my gosh yay!!!!!!!!!! im thinking girl. but probably just because i know you’d like that. so i throw that out at the universe in a real ‘the secret’ type of way. ah ah ahhhh.

  6. yay!!!! It’s always who you know. Seriously. I work in the medical field and that is unfortunately the truth too much of the time. :( People forget that patients are PEOPLE too and a diagnostic test is a big deal to the patient/person. I’m SO glad you’re getting it done sooner!

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