One Last Thing. I think.

the latest favorite daddy/son past time… busting out the old 45’s!


I was taking a bath when it hit me. A simple way to sum up what I believe about birth. (I know, I know… I swear I’ll say it and be done for now. ish.)

Basically, it’s this: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I don’t believe that low risk, healthy pregnancies require all this crazy medical intervention.

However… If something is broke, if there are complications and you need medical assistance to save the lives of mum or child, by all means… FIX IT!

That’s what I believe– simply put.

Also- I just wanted to thank you all for your comments on this topic in the last couple of posts. You have all been so respectful and helpful in this. I absolutely love hearing all sides of the story, and you guys really are challenging me to look deeper into things than I may have done otherwise. So thank you!!

Sidenote: (or would it be an endnote?) Nausea is decreasing slowly bit by bit and day by day, and I am finally not feeling exhausted by 1:00pm. I have ENERGY again! Weeeee!! So far I have used this new found energy to… uh… mumble mumble… pretty much not do anything yet. But I’m hopeful!

Extra Double end sidenote: I was watching natural birthing videos on YouTube today and was bawling my eyes out at the beauty and calmness of it all. The peacefulness of it all. If you haven’t seen a birth like that, and you’d be curious to, go find some videos and pull up a chair. (this is a GREAT resource to start from.) WHO AM I? I swear I never used to be this passionate about this stuff before. Something has come over me lately. I plan to start my Bradley training very soon. I want to get all the crazy book work out of the way before this baby gets born. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “One Last Thing. I think.

  1. I have been reading your posts on natural childbirth. After having 2 in the hospital and then 2 at home I had #5 in the hospital again.Definitely the homebirths were better. But our first 2 births were pretty much uninformed ones too. I was trying to remember the last birth and what they did. They put in a heplock, but not the I.V. until the very last. I wasn’t on constant monitoring until my blood pressure got really high (which it does with all births right at the last). In fact the midwife was disappointed because she had the bath all ready for me. She wanted me up and walking around or in the whirlpool tub if I wanted. I might be better than you think.Also if you want a water birth you might to talk to Anne about it. Last time she was the only one that would do that.

  2. it’s ridiculous. [in a good way]…i went to the site you noted to see birthing videos, watched the first one, and was super choked up and teary-eyed [which is normal for me when it comes to babies being born] …but then, as the video came to an end and celine dion continued to sing about her son in the background, i saw the look on the husband/dad’s face and my hope was restored.for some unknown reason, for about a year i figured men didn’t really want wives or children and why they’d ever choose that life made no sense to need for anyone respond to or question that, because it confused the heck out of me and i never got why i thought that way.anyways, thanks for sharing all you’re learning about natural childbirth, etc. i love it.

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