When the Options are Few.



Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. They helped me.

I am going to try a different midwife next month (in the same practice as the other) and see if I can get along better with her personality. There are four midwives to meet within the practice, so I am hoping the other three are more compatible with Chris and I. Here’s the kicker, though: whoever is “on call” when you go into labor is who will show up at your birth. So, I have to decide if it’s even worth having a 1 in 4 chance of having the blah midwife at my labor & delivery, or if I should find some other practice all together.

The options are very few here in the state of Oklahoma, however. There are NO birthing centers, and only 3 groups of midwives within the entire area. (A metro area which holds 1,000,000 people.) There are the midwives at OU (who I saw yesterday), another group in south OKC (homebirths only) that I’ve been told to stay away from by a friend, and one last group down in a town called Norman- which is just a tiny bit too far away for my liking.

I feel a bit lost at this point, but I know that I will know the right thing to do when the time comes. I trust myself enough to believe that. So, I will continue to explore my options and wait for my gut feeling to tell me what to do. And educate myself. That’s all I can really do at this point!

Thirteen weeks- second trimester here I come!

Ezra has decided that he wants a baby sister, and he’s even chosen two names that he likes. If it’s a girl, he either wants to name her “Uncle David” or “Dada”.


Recent weird pregnancy symptoms: A bloody nose everyday (I NEVER get these normally), and lots of shedding. My hair is EVERYWHERE. It seems to be falling out constantly. Hopefully I will not be bald before the 9 months is over… That would put a bit of a damper on Operation: Grow Hair, I think.

Today’s agenda: make dinner for a friend who recently had a baby (chicken enchiladas I’m thinking), do lots of laundry, and practice the songs I’ll be leading at church on Sunday. Ezra is home from VBS today with a cold, so he’ll be my partner in crime today. Stick em’ up!

14 thoughts on “When the Options are Few.

  1. Just another thought: the obgyn practice that I go to, and the one I went to last time both had midwives on staff. You cold try checking around if you get to that point. I know the frustration of having whoever is on call handle your delivery. My doctor’s office has always been like that. I really didn’t want to have someone else, but oh well. I got my doc the first time since I was induced which was great. This time I’m not as nervous since I’ve been down this road before. Hopefully you’ll get everything squared away and find someone you like. These things have a way of working themselves out. Take care.

  2. I did NOT like the OB that delivered me. He was on-call at the time. He did an okay job, but I’m just not that comfortable with him. He told me next time I should consider scheduling a c-section because my baby’s head was too big to fit. WTF?Also, my nose was bloody every day of my pregnancy until the day I delivered. Never happened before or since.

  3. I got TONS of bloody noses first and second tri… haven’t had one in awhile though (just watch… now I’ll get one today). I hope you can find a good midwife. It’s the same thing at the OB practice I’m also going to… whoever is on call (1 in 10 chance I’d actually get my doctor) is who delivers me. My midwife is independent, but does have a backup who I also mesh with so I’m fine with either one.

  4. I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the updates, I love hearing your adventures and reading your honesty. We know so many people in common, it feels like catching up on an old friend. congrats again. I can’t wait for the arrival day of your new little one.

  5. Oh Emery I’ll be praying that a midwife you love will be available to you! I wish I could package Lenny Sue up and send her to you. She was emotionally AMAZING.I never thought I’d hear of an apathetic midwife. I just assumed they were all passionate and loved their calling. I’m sure you’ll find one like that. Keep us posted!

  6. You’re right. Things will come together for you and it will be right. I had bloody noses when I was pregnant with my second child. He’s a handful…fair warning! I hope Ezra is feeling better. Summer colds stink!

  7. i’d definitely go with uncle david, just cause it could get confusing with chris and the new little lady called dada… my friend recently brought it to my attention that ‘baby name’ book should just be called ‘name’ books… i thought that it was interesting that i had never thought of that… and my hair fell out a TON with ara which is the opposite of what they say is supposed to happen… and my hair was oily and flat, this time its luxurious…. so you prolly wont go bald, but it might not be very great still…..

  8. When hubs and I lived in FL we used a midwife for Little Man. There were 3 midwives in the practice and a few OBs as well. I really liked one, kind of liked one and didn’t really care for the third. Guess who was on call when I went into labor? The 3rd. Guess who is one of my favorite people in the whole world now? It will all work out in the end.

  9. I hope and pray you can find the perfect solution for your birth. Thank God He already has it all planned out.I’m losing my hair too! Oh my goodness, showers are the worst. unlike you, I don’t even have that thick of hair to begin with, so if you see pictures of a bald pregnant lady on my blog, you’ll know why. I don’t even know you, but I’m excited to be going through this with you! :)hehe, Ezra’s names. Winners, for sure.

  10. Sorry to hear about the frustrations with the midwife… I’m sure that it’ll work out. Have you ever heard of the singer Julie Moffitt? I think she’s really good and her voice reminded me of you!

  11. Look at your little belly-bump! Yay!Finding the right midwife can be so frustrating! I went through a similar thing with my last baby (after having fantastic experiences with the first three– there was really no way for anyone to measure up to my expectations, alas). I ended up with a fantastic midwife! So, yeah. Good luck with that. I know things will turn out just fine.

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