Yesterday, I picked Ezra up from VBS and decided to take him somewhere fun for lunch. We love Wendy’s, so we headed there for his chicken nuggets and oranges and milk. He ate like a champ, and I was so proud of him that I told him we could get a Frosty.

There was a long line of people in front of us, so we waited patiently for our turn at the counter. Ezra was getting antsy, as any three and a half year old would do when he was aware that ice cream was only moments away.

That’s when it happened.

Out of NOWHERE he stuck his hand up my skirt and yelled, “WHERE ARE YOU UNDIES, MAMA???!”

Needless to say, I am dead from the embarrassment. Totally dead.

(And YES, I was wearing undies.)

I may never go to Wendy’s again.

16 thoughts on “Undies.

  1. It’s always a good idea, when leaving the house with your child, to make sure to leave your pride at home. Goodness knows you won’t be needing it.

  2. oh, so so funny. That Ezra. Thanks for my laugh today!! (although, I totally feel your embarassment… yikes. :))

  3. Beam Beam! That’s my grandson. Priceless … for payback, put this story in his senior yearbook !

  4. almost made me spit hot coffee out my nose…i am an old friend of flo paris btw (this is my excuse for why i am not a stalker on your blog haha)

  5. I *love* this story – I laughed out loud at work. I found your blog through Talia’s. I’m looking forward to reading through your posts!!! Oh, and congrats on hitting the 2nd TM – you’ve got a beautiful bump going already! Any chance it’s TWINS? :o)

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