My 26th Birthday.

Yesterday was fantastic! I woke up feeling great- and I felt great all day long until right after dinner (of which I ate way too much) and then I started feeling nauseous again. But I felt totally fine for all my birthday activities! God totally provided for me and answered my prayers. A whole day of relief! On my birthday! It was a TOTAL blessing.

Here’s a quick photo recap of the day:

We woke up really early to get to the lake before the crowds. This is Ezra enjoying his breakfast before we left. He’s so dang handsome.

This is all of us in the boat (minus Jared- he was off parking the boat trailer). It was so beauitful and the air was so crisp. I miss crisp air. There’s not much of it in Oklahoma due to all the humidity.

Me and Ezra. Ezra thought the boat was awesome. And so did I.

We found a small cove and anchored the boat just offshore. This beach was beautiful and perfect for a day of lounging. It was smoky from all the CA fires, but not as bad as it has been.

Jared, Kristy, Ezra, and I took the boat back out after awhile and went ‘Wake Surfing’ which is similar to wakeboarding except you aren’t strapped to the board. And the theory is that once you get into the right place in the wake you can LET GO OF THE TOW ROPE and just continue to surf behind the continuous wave of the boat’s wake. I never got to the place where I could let go of the rope, but it was a total blast and the water felt SO SO good. Totally refreshing.

Ezra liked climbing UP the rocks, but he depended on Jared as his ride back down them.

Ezra was such a good boy all day. I loved watching him climb and explore. I borrowed my mommy’s swimsuit because mine was suddenly MUCH too tight around the midsection. Ahem.

After we got home, we showered and napped and then everyone came over for the yummiest BBQ dinner on record. I opened some presents and got lots of great maternity stuff (that Ezra picked out himself), a gift card to Old Navy (for more maternity goodness), a vintage copy of ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ by Steinbeck, and a collection of short stories by Roald Dahl. Great gifts!!!

After dinner I started to feel yucky again, so I went to bed early and slept like a rock. (Assuming rocks sleep.)

It was an amazing and perfect birthday. (Well, if Chris could have been here it would have been totally perfect. I missssss himmm!!)

Now… uh… On with the 26-ed-ness!

12 thoughts on “My 26th Birthday.

  1. happy birthday! and cute suit.. and also the picture of you and ezra on the boat, you look JUST like carissa! hahaha… weird.

  2. Hey Emery,Not sure if you remember me from SLO, but i found your blog on jenny schlinks… if fact, maybe i’ve commented before and said all this. in any event, i saw your b-day gift and couldn’t help but comment. i honestly believe steinbeck is the greatest american writer of all time, and grapes of wrath has perhaps one of the most staggeringly beautiful endings ever!!! i love, love east of eden, cannery row… all of em really. in any event, for my 28th b-day, my husband (brandon) went in with all our friends and got me a first edition of grapes of wrath! i absolutely cherish it.. in any event- happy b-day! Holly Rodgers

  3. I’m sorry this is late, but I’m SO happy that you had such a wonderful day!! It’s sounds absolutely delightful.I wish you an amazing year!

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday!!(btw, how do you do that outline thing for your pictures?? I love the effect!)

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