21 thoughts on “6 Week Belly Shot.

  1. You are going to have the most GINORMOUS child. Like, already an adult…and it will walk out of the womb and start talking about physics and ask for a steak.

  2. Because you are tiny otherwise and have done it once before. I’m in the same boat. My doc said after the first one you’re all stretched out already, so everything pops out sooner. Loverly. You look adorable! Enjoy it!

  3. It is a darling baby bump… and I gained about 75% of my weight in my first trimester, I kid you not. I couldn’t say no to all the yummy yummy things that my wee little baby was craving (okay, okay, I was craving…).You are so adorable and I can’t wait to see how darling your new baby is going to be!

  4. wait… the comment from josh… i have a hard time believing that was him who left that… haa but its super cute if he really did. its weird how its supposed to be bigger with the second cause mine is waayyyy smaller this time! you never know.

  5. Thank you for totally making my day :) I am about 10 weeks along and feeling enormous wondering how one loses 5 lbs (I know how that happened its the morning-noon-night sickness) and then gains 4+ pants sizes, but your adorable belly has mine totally beat :) BTW congratulations! and please excuse my lateness I never commented on your last post, but between the extra tired and the whole I-feel-ill-all-the-time-thing lots of things are slipping. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to read about your journey on your blog. MaryBeth

  6. That little bump has nowehre else to go but out on your tiny little frame! I bet you are going to be all baby, and I KNOW beyond a doubt that you are going to be SO ADORABLE… because well, you already are. :)

  7. There’s no place for anything to go!!! Plus, don’t they say that after your first pregnancy you show faster? I don’t know . . . I’m only on one.

  8. Hahahaha….yep. This is Flo. I’m using Josh’s laptop and I didn’t sign in. I didn’t sign in this time either. Anyway..it’s me. I swear:)

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