The Now.

Chris’ parents will be here in less than an hour. They’ve been driving for three days straight and just narrowly missed a tornado about an hour ago while in Kansas, but they are ALMOST HERE. TO LIVE. Chris, Ezra, and I are buzzing with excitement.

Family! Here! With us!

We know that God has planned all of this perfectly. We are pregnant, and they are… suddenly here. What a joy for all of us- what a perfectly timed reunion!

School Portraits. Couldn’t you just DIE?

In pregnant news- I am feeling tired and wanting to eat sub sandwiches morning, noon, and night. With pickles. We already have a girl’s name picked out that could potentially transfer as a boy’s name too, but probably not. Oh, how I’d love to have a little girl. Or a boy. HURRY HURRY HURRY, Baby Bean!!!!!!!! I’m so impatient, it’s craaaaazy.

I found out my friend Jess is pregnant as well and has the exact same due date as I do. We also had the same due dates when I was pregnant with Ezra and she was pregnant with her son Josiah. We are creepy weird pregnancy twins, and I love it. Yay Cheatwoods!

Lastly, you can expect my fashion blog to slowly morph into a hip, fun MATERNITY fashion blog over the coming months. (As well as some of the items in my store!.) Tell all your preggo friends that they can visit the site to get tips on how to keep your sense of style even as your waist line expands– and how to do it without running into your nearest overpriced maternity store, none-the-less!


7 thoughts on “The Now.

  1. OMGOSH I AM SOO EXCITED FOR YOU! I loooooove babies! I want to have more like RIGHT NOW- but I think that it is a much better idea to wait until Cole is about Ezra’s age first so that I don’t have TWO BABY-BABIES at the same time…So nice that you will have family too! AHH! EXCITEMENT!!

  2. God is soooo good. I forget how amazing He is sometimes. BTW…the whole girl name was such a teaser. I was so excited to hear!!! Keep us posted. YAY for an awesome life.

  3. Ezra’s school pictures turned out adorable!!! Do you have any extras??? Nora would love to stare at her best friend on the fridge.

  4. Hi Emery! I hear such glowing things about you from Piper, so I feel like I know you, but I wanted to say I love your blog and congrats on another little one! You make gorgeous babies, so you should keep on going!

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