A New Dresser. Or Two.

I’ve been working hard at re-arranging Ezra’s room again (Will it never end?!) because, after MONTHS of searching for an affordable dresser in thrift shops and bargain centers and finding NOTHING, we were suddenly given two (count ’em- TWO!) fabulous dressers in one weekend. And they were both FREE.

We found one out on the neighbor’s lawn on “big trash day”. And then Chris was painting someone’s house last week and they told him he could have whatever furniture he wanted that was in the garage. He grabbed a dresser that had definetly seen better days, but that he knew had potential. Then he re-built some of the drawers and painted the thing inside and out. Oh, and he put new hardware on it. And is there anything he can’t do? The answer is most assuredly NO.

Anywho, my parents are coming into town tomorrow (WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) and now Ezra has a fabulous new room to show them when they get here. He is so excited that they are coming… every morning when he wakes up, he requires a quick recount of how many more “sun goes down and then sun comes upping?” until they finally get here. We’re down to ONE now. Yes!

Here are the photos of the new and improved BIG BOY room with actual furniture and whatnot. Before this, I had ALL of Ezra’s clothes tucked into a tupperware drawer thingy way back in his closet- with all his shoes and jammies and hats dangling from a shoe organizer above it. If you even bumped the thing, they’d all fall out.

I think I could get used to these fancy new “dresser” contraptions. They’re BRILLIANT.

7 thoughts on “A New Dresser. Or Two.

  1. what fun to look and look and wait and wait and finally find (get) what you were looking and waiting for! Treasures :) I’m not very good at seeing something’s “potential” – I have never been good at fixing things up – but you and Chris make it look and sound so easy… maybe I should try it? Thanks for sharing

  2. those are great dressers! Don’t you just love those amazing finds like that? :) Or, in your case, I guess it was amazing “gives”. hooray!

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