Limping Along.

I am slowly but surely learning how to pick my life back up again.

About three months ago, Chris took me out to dinner and told me that he could tell I wasn’t functioning like I used to… that something was too heavy on my shoulders and I wasn’t the vibrant, happy person that I used to be.

He then graciously offered to take over ALL of the grocery shopping and cooking until I could get myself better- because he knew that those were two of the biggest causes of stress for me. (I know, I know… tough life. Some people in the world have to worry about not having enough food to make it through the day– and here I am, getting overwhelmed by having to buy and cook whatever I want. Lame-sauce.)

Three months ago, I reluctantly agreed to let him help me. We agreed it would only be for a season- mostly so I wouldn’t be crushed by the guilt of piling my responsibilities onto my (already busy) husband’s shoulders for an unknown amount of time. So… for three months, he has been doing all of the grocery shopping and cooking. And he hasn’t complained ONCE.

He’s my hero. I can honestly say that not having to stress about cooking/shopping has helped me more than anything else could have during this difficult time. Just feeling taken care of- knowing that he was rooting for me and willing to help in any way possible- has helped spur me on to acknowledge that, ONE, I was not okay, and TWO, I needed to take some time for myself.

It’s been hard for me to receive this help from him. I was wracked with guilt pretty much every evening around 5 o’clock, when I should have been getting dinner ready- or when I’d open our cupboards up and see that a trip to the store was in order. I felt like a horrible wife. But Chris was constantly reassuring me that he was happy to do it… and that I didn’t need to feel bad or ashamed about requiring some help.

The milestone: Yesterday, I went grocery shopping. And I cooked dinner last night. And I’ve decided to step back into all of this slowly– I’m going to start cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And it will probably be frozen pizza dinners for awhile, but at least it’s something. And I know that I could absolutely not be in the place where I’m at now if it weren’t for Chris’ support, so I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to him publicly.

I’m learning to live life from a completely different place. It’s a place of gratitude and awareness of all the good I have around me. And I’ve found nothing that can sum up this new attitude better than what my precious cowboy neighbor shared with us the other day.

Ever since we moved into this house, we have seen this guy walk past our house once or twice a day. He walks at a somewhat brisk pace, and he always has a smile on his face. He walks with a limp. And, without fail, he has on his cowboy boots.

We have always wondered why this man walks every single day in such seemingly uncomfortable shoes. It never made sense to us. I mean, why not buy a pair of comfy sneakers, you know?

One day, Chris and our neighbor struck up a conversation. And our neighbor told him about how he’d had polio as a young boy, and how they once thought that he would never ever walk again because the disease had twisted him so badly.

He explained that the cowboy boots he wears are fitted with a special brace that helps him walk.

And, the reason that he walks every day?


I long to live with that kind of gratitude. That’s what makes a life full.

15 thoughts on “Limping Along.

  1. That is a true example of husbands loving their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it. What an act of love that I’m sure has only solidified your commitment and love for the man God brought you. :)

  2. Good for you – on all fronts.Oh, and my dad wears cowboy boots everyday. He thinks tennis shoes are uncomfortable. :)God bless.

  3. that is so nice of chris. i’ve heard the question posed before, ‘what if marriage is supposed to make you holy, more than happy’? it is a perfect example of God using you in eachothers life right now to let eachother grow and be refined by the Lord. neato! anyways, cute picture of ezra at the end. he looks so dang big!!

  4. a perfect example of why, in this life, two is better than one. You will be there when Chris needs you someday …

  5. this post reminded me of the small book by cj mahaney called Humility. O and a sermon my husband preached from the 2 Corinthians, “what do you have that you have not received!” We really do live a life drenched in wonderful, marvelous, undeserved grace.

  6. A beautiful post – what a supportive husband you have! And how precious that he was taking the step and watching you so careful that he saw you getting down. Your post reminded me to a German Church Song that I like very much. It is about a man knocking at a convent’s gate since he his exhausted can’t cope with live ‘outside’ anymore.And then some wise man teaches him that the people in the convent just live like anyone else:“we are getting up and falling down, getting up and falling down”.Btw I linked your blog from mine – hope this is OK?

  7. I found your blong through someone else’s and I love it. This brought tears to my eyes. This is what God designed marriage to be, a give and take, love and respect…how beautifully amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey Emery,love the pictures. I talked to Ryan Ritter today–said he knew you from Galena?? Small world it is. -Danae

  9. I rarely admit it because I’m often embarrassed by the fact but my husband has been doing the cooking (at least of almost all dinners) since my daughter was born. I guess I overwhelm easily and he is such a natural cook it made sense. I’m glad you have had the chance to take a break. It really can make all the difference. I know it has for me:)

  10. This… you… Chris… this love… This is what makes me not want to settle for anything but a Godly man. Thank you for being an example of what marriage is meant to be.An example to me, thank you!

  11. that story about your neighbor walking along in his cowboy boots almost made me cry! I think that’s a wonderful story, such a great example of how we should all live our lives. In gratitude.I’m really glad to hear you’re doing so well, and I love that you are able to tell us such wonderful things about your husband! What a blessing!

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