Two Original Songs.

A couple of you asked to hear some of the songs I’ve been playing lately.

I wrote this song awhile ago, but it is so fitting for what I’m going through right now that I thought I’d share it. I just recorded this version yesterday. The background vocals are me as well.

Click the link and it will take you straight to the player.

“The Weight Of Joy”

Also, I’ll share this one: It’s called ‘The Battle’ (maybe I’ve posted it here before? I dunno.) and I wrote it awhile ago as well. I just re-recorded it yesterday, and it’s not the best quality, but you get the idea.

“The Battle”

14 thoughts on “Two Original Songs.

  1. hey time capsule…. whats up? some of the best times of my life happened while listening to those songs.. esp the first one. hahahahh remember… the dreaded………… ‘bike club’ ahhahahaahahahah ah.

  2. beautiful song Emery! it was so you–though i’ve never seen or heard you in person, it’s just how i pictured you singing. i love your style! thanks for sharing.

  3. em: so beautiful. I can hear the Lord is doing a deep, deep work in your heart. The entire christian walk comes down to the battle between ideas and attitudes…the amazing thing, the Lord gives us the power and grace to choose ours. I’m thankful the Lord is washing Joy over your life. I love you sweet friend.mandy stewart

  4. I love “The Weight of Joy.” It’s beautiful. Haven’t listened to the other song yet. Your voice reminds me of some of Lisa Loeb’s music a little bit. :)

  5. those are absolutely beautiful and touching songs. Your music is the kind I love– where there is emotion, truth, and transparency. Plus?? You’ve got an amazing voice!! It goes so beautifully with the simple setting of the guitar. LOVELY.It was so good to come here to your blog after being gone a week and catch up on your posts, hearing such joy in everything you wrote. I am so glad for you! God is good.

  6. emery……. these are totally making me cry. can you please make an album… at least just for me? they are so applicable to my life right now! and p.s. i’m not sure if I already told you, but your advice for me and taylor a few months ago was instrumental in God’s hands for major changes, and I’m SO SO thankful for you! I really want to hang out with you if I’m ever out there, or if you come out here again sometime, I have learned so much from you and your honesty and humbleness!

  7. Wow Emery, this is so beautiful – you are so talented in so many ways, your blog is so amazing to read, your photos are just special and I even adore your fashion blog (me being the Jeans type never been thinking much about fashion).Thanks that you share all this with your readers – with all ups and downs, I love coming here.

  8. um.. i sent the links to this song to seth and was like ‘remember this song!!!’ hoping to reminisce about a time that so few people know about and he said ‘i’ve never heard that song’ and i said ‘oh, you must have been out riding your bike when i heard it. hahahahahha’ awesome.

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