Teach Me Something New.

Last night’s show was really amazing and incredibly entertaining and I laughed so hard at times that my eyes wouldn’t stop watering. I’d share pictures, but- wouldn’t you know it? Between the four of us there were no cameras or even camera PHONES for that matter, so the evening passed without any documentation. (Unless you count the throbbing headache I woke up with this morning as “proper documentation” of a night of good food, loud music, yummy drinks, endless dancing, and a 3 AM bedtime to boot.)

A quick cup of coffee set me straight again this morning- although my hair still smells like smoky blechity blech.

After the show, we went to this tiny bar where all the cool hipster kids hang out, and I danced by myself on the little dance floor and felt genuinely happy and at ease. I love to dance. I don’t get to do it very often, so when I find myself in places where it is considered socially acceptable, I DO IT. Even if no one else cares to join me. Even if all the cool kids sit and watch me with eyes that say “DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE DANCING?”

Why, yes I do realize! Do you realize that you are the one of many sitting?

When I dance I can’t help but smile and laugh, so it is obviously good for my heart. And soul. I need to do it more often.

After that little place, we went to an actual dance club. This dance club can be summed up in two words: MEAT. MARKET. But the music was fun and I danced some more. You know what I love? I love when people dance up to me and smile and then after a while they would lean over and ask “So, what do you do?” And, with a huge smile on my face I’d shout over the music, “I’m a STAY AT HOME MOM!!” and then I’d watch as they inconspicuously noticeably started dancing themselves away in the opposite direction again. HA! Overall, everyone was very respectful and fun and I had a really good time there too.

I’ve been thinking of acquiring a new hobby lately, and now I might have to add a dance class to the list of possibilities.

I’ve been looking around town for an adult gymnastics class, but have not found one yet. I was a gymnast for a good portion of my life, and I miss it. I can still do the flips and some tumbling when I’m good and stretched and there’s a little bounce in the floor, so I was hoping to find somewhere to pick it up again. Now that would be a great workout.

Other hobbies I have been considering picking back up again: Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, or Tap Dancing.

These are all things that I have done at one time or another in my life. I currently have a membership to the YMCA down the street, but I have found that plain old exercising is much too boring for me to do it consistently. I need a structured class that is FUN and can simultaneously teach me something new in order for me to keep with it for any length of time. So, I will probably drop the gym membership and do one of these “hobbies” in its place.

Any other suggestions for fun things I could do or learn at my ripe ol’ age of 25?

Please note: I don’t like running. Hobby suggestions should NOT include running. Because even if a wild lioness were to jump out from behind my desk right now and start chasing me through the streets, you would probably find me escaping at a pace that could only be described as a “brisk walk”.

16 thoughts on “Teach Me Something New.

  1. I’ve got a PERFECT one for you!!!! I just started doing ZUMBA a couple months ago and I absolutely LOVE IT! It incorporates salsa, hip hop and different types of dancing into an intense exercise routine. When I was at home I got my mom started on it and she is addicted to it now. She goes like 3-4 times a week! I just go once right now in my busy schedule… but I HIGHLY suggest it considering your love of dance :-) zumba.com tells you all the places that offer it in your area!TRY IT OUT!!!

  2. If you start up gymnastics again just remember you are not 12 anymore! I forgot that a few months back and I had trouble walking for a while…yeah your body remembers how to do it but our muscles are just not quite the same! Take it slow! O if gyms don’t offer adult tumbling classes you might check cheer gyms. I know gyms in Reno have adult classes for the snowboarders but um…I don’t know about the snowboard scene in OK.

  3. Today I completed regretted signing up for the 5k. Running in Colorado is the hardest thing to do because of the dasterdly elevation. Oh, and running sucks. During my hour and 15 minute “outing” I only ran for about 5 minutes. I HATE IT. Good thing is, I can walk the 5k. Walking is so much more enjoyable and still good for me. Anyway, I want to sign up for martial arts again too. I suggest that one.

  4. girl, you need a hula hoop!check out my friend’s website hooprama.com – you can order hoops there. i am going to start teaching hoop aerobix classes for her this week (GASP!). i also had a really funny idea today – what if i rented out her studio once a week to teach a CHEER fitness class for adults?!? can you imagine how fun/funny that would be? i haven’t cheered since i coached you and you were a CHILD. yeah, it’s been a while… i’d love to hear what you think! i have no idea if anyone but me would want to take a class like that but i think i may as well find out. i wish you were here!

  5. I with you on the not running thing. I almost quit swimming in high school cause they would make us run. Um, Hello?! I signed up for SWIMMING…NOT RUNNING…It might not be your cup of tea, but with all your fashionista knowledge you should take some sewing classes. basic patterns and dress form stuff….you never know, you’re little vision and hobbie could become a little something more…? just an idear.

  6. oh and tell Chris we internet people have not forgot and are still patiently waiting for a Chris post.and I’m crossing my fingers that it will include music…=)

  7. Dance is one of the BEST forms of excercise and it makes you happy inside too ! You have so much natural rhythm … Take a dance class or dance excercise … When you were young I did Jazzercise for awhile and really enjoyed it, the Zumba sounds super fun … Great idea !


  9. If you find an adult gymnastics class, let me know! I think you should incorporate your flips into d-group.:)

  10. I have heard Zumba is fun too. I love Yogafit (fast paced yoga moves so you get cardio too) and kickboxing. Have fun–how awesome that you have the oppertunity to try new things!!!-Danae

  11. If you’re up for a new and exciting hobby, you should totally try belly dancing. Oh my gosh! It’s so fun! And supposedly it’s good for fertility because it opens up the reproductive parts.

  12. loved walking in to hear your beautiful voice this morning…also loved your new pants. Hope you are well friend!

  13. I too love love love to dance. I hardly ever get to do it (esp now that I’m almost 8 months pregnant), but it’s so wonderful when I can – I kinda like being the only one on the dance floor – then I don’t run into anyone! (-: Good luck finding a fun hobby – If you were in Tulsa I would suggest Cherry Street Dance studio… If you do take a dance class, try and find a studio with more adults – the last class I took was all jr and sr high school girls, which was fine, but while they were excited about prom, I was celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary… (-:~evahttp://www.xanga.com/evagarringer

  14. HORSEBACK RIDING! Yay! This is GREAT exercise AND great fun all rolled into one! Plus, don’t you have some horse-owning buddies at church? It could be double the fun, building friendships and enjoying the equine experience :)

  15. Why don’t you teach a gymnastics class? Get the best of both, a new hobby and your love of gymnastics.

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