Taking Cover.

First, Re: My Last Post, THANK YOU. I am doing better, although this past weekend was one of the hardest in my life. I felt like I was centimeters from an emotional breakdown all weekend. And Ezra got the brunt of that, I am sad to say, which is so not fair to him, but it happened and it’s something I can’t take back. He pushed all the wrong buttons at the wrong time, and I yelled and snapped at him more in these past two days than the entire time he’s been alive, I’m pretty sure. And then he started yelling and snapping at me (gee… where’d he learn that from?) so then I had to punish him for the very things he was learning from his fragile mama only minutes before. Which made me feel like poo.

Things are chugging along. I am trying to stay afloat. I am doing better. I need extra measures of grace and compassion from the people around me… extra measures of understanding and communication. I feel like I’m recovering from a heart wound and need to take it easy on myself, which is hard to do when you’re a control monger who likes to look shiny on the outside like I do. Lord help me.

Get this: We had the storm shelter installed on Saturday, and then the very next day, WE HAD TO USE IT. I suppose we didn’t have to, but the weather was freaky and the old WWII sirens were blaring through our neighborhood for almost an hour (this has never happened in the two years since we’ve lived here), so we put everything we would need down there and ran Ezra through the drill of how the shelter worked and when/why we go down there. Then we watched the TV like hawks with binoculars. We are such ninnies. Most Oklahomans were probably out sunbathing or something while this was all going on. Can you tell we’re from the West?

I packed a bag full of snacks, water, DVD’s, the DVD Player, Books, a blanket, and flashlights. Also? My camera. Because our safety depended on it. (Or maybe I am just a shameless blogger at heart.)

Needless to say, we were completely relieved to have the shelter. It put the ‘fun’ back in ‘funnel cloud’ again.

HAHAHAHHA- I kill me.

18 thoughts on “Taking Cover.

  1. Haha! You kill me too. That funnel cloud one was a hoot. Looks like you guys had a good time (thankfully) initiating the storm shelter.Glad you are getting by and remember, His strength is sufficient. His power is made perfect in weakness so you are the perfect spot to see God’s power. Be blessed this week. His mercies are new every single morning!

  2. I too am a shameless blogger and have begun carrying my camera with me everywhere I go.Sunglasses? checkwallet? checkcell phone? checkcamera? double checkI should really get a life. ( although I’m sure I’d blog about that one too)

  3. you are a the cutest family, even in your eency-weency storm shelter! How in the heck does my brother fit in there?

  4. ha ha ha, you kill me too! That is crazy timing !!! Aren’t you glad you had a plan and a place to go when those sirens went off? Yay for you …

  5. Honey- I am so sorry I have not been very sensitive what you have been going through. I have had a weird flood of emotions and thoughts myself this past week…I feel like ever since we had that amazing date night conversation things have been twice as hard. Whats with that! We yanked up some pretty large boulders and shed hope and light into some dark places. This past week has felt like those dark places are reaching up with everything they have only to slam those boulders right back into place….I will fight!With our faithful God by our side, we will pound those boulders into pebbles that will be swept away by the gentle breeze of God’s grace and mercy.Darkness will not have it’s way! Keep your head held high Emery!God smiles over you and is proud to call you daughter.I love you honey

  6. the “fun” in “funnel cloud”– that is a fanastic thing to say. I laughed out loud! Gotta love the corniness. :) That comment from your husband is amazing– he can REALLY write too. Now I want to see that guest post more than ever! :) But more than anything, it makes me so happy for you at this time that you are blessed with such a loving and understanding husband. Tell him we’re praying for him too.

  7. Aww, your hubby is so sweet! And I wish I had a storm shelter…but I don’t think it would help with the earthquakes :)I can’t wait to see you guys!

  8. Dang it Chris!!! I don’t put on mascara just so it can run down my cheeks.I want a storm shelter!!! Oh, and just a suggestion…a little potty might not be a bad idea.

  9. ok, talk about ninny…when I visited my sister in the midwest,one of those storms had me so scared, I cowered in fear in their basement with one her husband’s flight helments on my head…and when they lived in OKC, they had a storm shelter put in just like yours…otherwise I would have been too scared to visit during tornado season. Golly those sirens of impending doom scare me. I feel like at any moment my head will be slammed with a 2×4.

  10. So nice compared to what my mother had when she was little. A cellar at her grandmothers that was full of scorpions and other undesirables! Darling photos too.

  11. That was a sweet comment from your husband up there.I feel like you and I’ve been going through some similar stuff.Although we don’t have a cool storm shelter :)

  12. Sorry to read you had such a hard time! :-(You have such an loving eye with your camera – I am amazed all the time when I see your beautiful pictures.

  13. Chris is incredible. And so are you. Yes.Aside from that, the born and bread Okie in me is really laughing so hard at how cute it is that you used your shelter! I’ve lived through so many tornado’s, and never once have I ever gotten into a shelter! Never occurs to me. I’m always to interesting in watching it.I love that you have a shelter!! And the pics are too cute.For the record, I’ve been feeling like the worst Mom in the world lately. You are an example of good to me.

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