15 thoughts on “A Story of Epic Proportions.

  1. Nothing like Pedialyte to rehydrate and feel better when vomiting. Pedialyte is specially formulated to quickly replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Feel better!!

  2. buhhhhhhh. i had this too, starting christmas eve, and it took a while to fully recover. remeber the brat died, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. bland bland bland!hope you feel better soon!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes! I am feeling much better today. And YES it was just the flu! Not pregnant over here, people. Just sicker than a dog. Wee!

  4. first off… thanks for commenting! LOL! Second… That is most definitely a crime! You should have the hubby go out and rent it for you along with some gatorade and ginger ale… maybe some pudding or something of that nature for you, so you have something to watch and snack on while you aren’t feeling well. It is AMAZING! :-) Hope you feel better soon! It is amazing that I don’t have anything yet *knock on wood!!!* seeing as though I’m in the hospital with tons of people with the flu. BLEH!!!

  5. Your new picture is stunning. And Ezra’s new cape is fabulous! Perhaps Ms. Emery Jo needs a cape too, hm? I think it’s only fair that we get fun toys too. My sister has her own American girl doll + accessories that her girls are allowed to “borrow” from time to time:)

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