At Least They Keep You Warm.

Ezra has a very high fever again today, for the second day in a row, which is heart-breaking on two levels:

1. The poor little guy turns into a total introvert when he is sick- he just lays around on the couch and doesn’t make an audible noise for hours at a time. He reverts to head nodding as his only form of communication and the only time he gets up is to go potty or silently point to the next movie he wants to watch. IT’S QUIET ‘ROUND HERE.

2. He doesn’t get to attend school today, which means mommy will not be able to pick up applications and wander around in thrift stores until her feet are sore. Also, I will not have the joy of blasting my favorite music while I drive from place to place- a past time that I had almost forgotten about entirely until Ezra started school and I realized that I was driving around town (TODDLER-FREE) singing “She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes” while tapping my foot against the clutch pedal to keep time. In my defense- That’s a catchy little number, yeah?

In other news, I bought this yesterday:

But, I am returning it today because it gave my room less of the “Parisian” feel I was hoping for, and more of an “Asian Nascar” vibe that I could really live without.

Chris and I have recently decided to sell our super cool green retro-vintage sofa bed on Craig’s List so that we can replace it with an actual comfortable bed for guests that come and stay with us. I have been looking on eBay for bedding and blankets, and have found some that are just too good not to share.

Oh, man… I bet the photographer just crapped his pants
when he snapped this picture. What an epic setup!

Nothing says “comfort” like a suicidal unicorn!

The crashing waves behind this eagle head really sold me on this one. I wanted to see how the blanket would look if I were to ever toss it into the ocean.

Welcome to our home! Snuggle up with this man-eating dragon blanket! Okay- lights out… Sweet dreams!

Ummm… “Lady liberty’s Legless Tour of the Coast of Maine.”

Man, they will print anything on blankets these days.

Maybe I’ll go a different route and have them make me a king size blanket from this:

Now THERE’S a dragon I could really get comfy with.


Hee hee.

11 thoughts on “At Least They Keep You Warm.

  1. hahahahahahaha!!! THose were too funny– and I think your captions made them about 300% funnier. Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. OK, I Don’t know wether to laugh at Chris and those super cool blankets (you know the designers thought those were great ideas), or cry over over the fact that you are getting rid of that super cool bed. I became very attached to it :) Man if i would have know I would of had you drag it to Reno with you just so I could buy it. Now I’m totally bummed, you so ruined my day. I’m expecting an entertaining post tomorrow. I’m gonna go cry now and lament the loss of your sofa bed….

  3. It’s a shame that the 1st bedding didn’t work out in your room. It looks soooo cute in the pic. …and the suicidal unicorn. Damn, where can I get that? Ebay you say? Oh…gotta go…I’m all over that. They’re real, ya know?!…moving on: your little introverted sick boy….gotta say—I think you’re lucky. When Gage is sick, he’s whiny, cries, oh, and did I mention the whining?

  4. i love that comforter set! LOVE IT! makes me want my own room because my husband would never be having that. but i do see what you are saying about the Asian nascar thing. we used to have a comforter that my husband deemed the MGC-Mexican Gyspy Comforter. hope your little man is all better.

  5. “Asian Nascar vibe”Loved it. Umm, I can’t believe the cheesy blankets out there! I never knew they existed. And unicorns are way scary (especially that one)…blankets should definitely NOT be scary. Or cheesy. I’m sure you’ll find something gorgeous with that fab style of yours.

  6. The captions had me guffawing. And I guffaw pretty loudly. Did you know you can actually get a picture printed on a blanket? I was in my friendly neighborhood photo store, and they had all these things you could get pictures printed on, from T-shirts to mouse pads, to, yup, blankets.

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