Post PreSchool Post. (Heh.)

I had the most bestest day ever! It was due, in part, to this:

That’s right, folks… school was a success! He can’t wait to go back, and I am THRILLED. I had a great day to myself- I picked up some applications (incredibly embarrassing Starbucks story to follow soon…) and went shopping with my gift card at Charlotte Russe. I also picked up a couple of dresses at the Goodwill for a wedding (Go Dustin and Becca YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!) we are going to on Saturday evening, and this is where YOU come in. Which dress do you like? I CAN’T DECIDE which one to wear.

Option #1, costing a whopping $3.99:

Option #2, on sale for $1.00:

Thank you guys so much for your encouraging words yesterday… I feel really inspired to look into some writing work somehow, some way. I am so lucky to have you guys to cheer me on towards the things I dearly love.

Also, I wanted to answer the question about preschool costs in the comments of my last post. Ezra is going to a little Baptist church around the corner, and they charge $110 a month. (Total: $990 a year.) Ezra goes to class twice a week, for 5 hours. I thought this was a great deal!

I looked into a Montessori school by us, but they charged $440 a semester, plus a $129 fee A WEEK. Doesn’t that sound crazy expensive??! That was probably for full time, though.

Lastly, I looked at the private school right by my house, and for Pre-K they charge $2,600.00 a year. Also a little pricey for us.

Hope that info helps– I didn’t do a whole lot of research or looking around… I just asked a friend for some help and went with my gut from there, so I’m probably not the MOST knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff. Anywho, good luck!

OK, I must go watch Little Einsteins with my son, and then I am going out for drinks with da girlz. Woot!

34 thoughts on “Post PreSchool Post. (Heh.)

  1. Ok you look adorable in both….but my favorite is #2! I miss you, we should ichat soon. Ezra’s so stikin’ cute! We love you all!

  2. I vote #2!!! p.s. I agree with the writing.. you should really look into it! God has definitely blessed you with that gift!!! –Katy

  3. If I had legs like those I wouldn’t hide them under #2 for sure….that said if it is a night time wedding I would still choose #1 for it’s cocktail feel. #2 says afternoon to me for some reason. however they are both smashing.

  4. I vote #2! Ezra is too cute, I wish I would have gotten to see more of him while you were here!

  5. Hey, so I don’t know you, but I have to say, I’m pretty sure you can’t wear white to a wedding. Sooo…Number one!!!Sarah

  6. hey! i know everyone is saying #2 but i agree with sarah… its really inappropriate to wear white to a wedding unless all guests are asked to…. so i would definitely go with #1. love ya and i miss ya!

  7. #1. It is so funky-cute, and perfect for an evening wedding. I have to say, those are both amazing finds. You must have a wonderful Goodwill store– I never find anything that cute at ours! :)

  8. I like number 1…it is unique and fun!Moreover, I just wanted to second all the comments on your writing abilities. I am a blog-stalker from Louisiana and thoroughly enjoy your writings. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like them both! How do you do that? If I went to Goodwill there would be heinous things all in size 18!! I’m a 2 – you too right? I never find anything like that. You are a wonderfully insightful and inspiring writer, btw…

  10. Yay for school!My little boy loved watching the video of Ezra. He watched it twice, and kept waving to Ezra. I vote #1 for a night wedding. And I agree with everyone about your writing. You should write. Freelance. Share your gift with the world.

  11. Colby (my nephew) goes to a Montessori school and he is the most well-rounded, best-behaved kid I know. Perhaps someday…Also, I would totally be talking about you if you wore white to a wedding (“oh my gosh, can you believe that girl?!). Definitely #1. Haha, love you!

  12. Number 1, you shouldn’t wear white or even offwhite to a wedding. Sorry, it’s my ettiquette coming into play.

  13. Hi Emery – I’ve decided it is time i get over my embarassement of stalking you and fess up that been reading your blog for month. We have met but you might not remember me. You worked with my hubby, RJ Hosking, at Upper Crust a few years ago in good old SLO town. RJ turned me onto your blog a few month ago and I love it. You totally have a gift with words and should pursue writing.Also, I love dress option number 1! So cute and festive. A great wedding dress. I wish I had your skills at a thrift store.

  14. well being a wedding specialist, i would say it depends on the formalness of the event? I REALLY like the 1st one, but it may not be dressy enough for a wedding, not sure though! The second one is cute too. Me and gracie just watched the little clip of ezra after school. so cute. if he gets kidnapped, it wasn’t me.

  15. id go with number one. you look adorable in both but i go to the only the bride wears white thing too. and number one is more fun too.i found your blog through davi, you seem to be very popular and from reading your stuff i totally see why. good luck with choosing!

  16. How funny you wrote Gretch..when I first sw this dress I pictured you with glitter on your face and arms. Of course glitter not appropriate for a wedding…Boy, it seems everyone has an opinion on the how to dress the Emery doll!

  17. you are stunning in both !! But, my bad, did I forget to teach you that you can’t wear white to a wedding? Now, some enlightened folks would not mind, and it is an old stodgy rule, but you don’t want to upstage the bride on her very special day either.Love, MOMAR

  18. #1 is way more fun and flattering on you. #2 is pretty and a good fit, but the white kind of washes you out…or maybe that’s the lighting in the photo??I’m glad Ezra enjoyed preshool…that can be nerve racking. I’m interested in hearing this starbucks story. I’m thinking of trying to apply at one too for some extra money and am already making up embarrasing stories in my mind.

  19. Emery,Pick up “Writer’s Market 2008”. It’s a complete book of all the magazines and publications that are recruiting freelance submissions. It gives you all the info; how to write a query letter, how to submit, how to get paid. And it has THOUSANDS of publications. They are fairly cheap like 10 dollars and they put a new one out every year. Have fun and I LOVE dress number two, despite the white dress taboo.

  20. I couldn’t really tell you what a good deal is in OK these days, but compared to Santa Barbara it sounds like a steal! :) Personally, I think Montessori is over-rated!!!Plus, I went to a little Baptist church preschool and look how great I turned out? (the answer is fabulous if you weren’t sure how to tackle that one:)

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