Preschool. (ish.)


Ezra starts SCHOOL tomorrow.


Technically, it’s not a school, it’s a “Mother’s Day Out” program at a church down the street, but we’ve been telling him he’s going to school and he seems to like the idea. So, we’re running with it.

This all happened so quickly, and I owe all this progress to my husband who could see that look in my eye when we started talking about calling the preschools in my area (the look that said ‘Pick up the phone and call a complete stranger? ARE YOU CRAZY?! I. would. rather. eat. fish. guts.’) and so he nobly stepped in to help me. I got a couple of recommendations from a friend of mine and decided on the program that ran from 9-2:00pm two days a week rather than the much shorter program at the other place. EVERY HOUR COUNTS HERE, PEOPLE. EVERY MOMENT, EVEN!

We were able to get him in right away because there was an opening in his age group- otherwise we would have had to register him in March and then wait until September for him to begin. He has been grouped together with the younger class, which is somewhat of a bummer, because the program director was telling us that the kids were learning things like shapes and colors and letters, which is so last year for Ezra. He’s moved on to much more interesting concepts as of late- like how he has suddenly started counting all the way to ten IN SPANISH… a feat that I would be utterly proud of if he had not learned it entirely from a certain cartoon character who’s name rhymes with IGNORA, as in, “My parents IGNORA me too much so I learn new languages from that there TV box.”

We signed him up today, and he begins tomorrow, which means all I have to do in the next few hours is locate a toddler sized bed roll for his nap time there, and also a lunchbox and a backpack and (oh yeah!) some food that doesn’t contain peanuts because it just so happens that there is a kid in his class who is incredibly allergic to THE ONLY FOOD THAT EZRA WILL EAT.

Almost every day, Ezra requests a Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch, and when I start making it, he runs over to the silverware drawer and locates a spoon. Then he comes back and tells me that he’s decided he just wants the peanut butter straight up from the jar… apparently the bread does nothing but hamper his overall peanut butter consumption. He never gets his way, of course, but I often humor myself with wondering just how much peanut butter he would eat in one sitting if I turned him loose on a jar.

I think he would come back for seconds. I really do.

With my newly found free-time, I plan to go job hunting. Clothing stores, coffee shops, booksellers… someone has to have a spot for a desperate momma who is more interested in working hard a couple of nights a week than the pay she will be compensated with, right? I am going to try and work in the evenings of the days he’s in ‘school’, and probably Saturdays as well. When Ezra is gone I will either go help Chris at his job site or spend time getting my vintage stuff back up and running. Or maybe I’ll try to find ways to promote this blog and make it more profitable for me. Or maybe I will start doing some freelance writing. Or maybe… maybe…. maybe…

Ahhhhh… It feels SO GOOD to have some “maybe’s” back in my life. I was beginning to feel completely maybe-less. I don’t think I’ll ever take another “maybe” for granted ever again.

18 thoughts on “Preschool. (ish.)

  1. I hope you and your son have a great time with your new adventures… he without Mom for a few hours, and you without him for a few…

  2. you’re so good for not letting ezra eat peanut butter straight from the jar. i sometimes let liam eat if off a KNIFE and never even stopped to consider that wasn’t a good idea (c’mon it’s organic!). a pb free class is my biggest fear…

  3. If it doesn’t ick you out, there are some really cute metal vintage lunch pails out there. In fact, I just saw a spider man one the other day at my local junk shop…I’m holding out for Pop-Eye, Superman or StarWars your book was hysterical–Ezra prolly has no idea what a funny mama he has!

  4. Just wondering if you would mind sharing how much your church charges for this kind of thing.. I’m looking around…

  5. I cannot get over how friggin’ cute that kid is – and you! You’re gorgeous! I’m also going to try to make my blog more profitable too, although it’s a newbie and now I’m concentrating on getting in the swing of things. I just ordered a custom template though so yay me! :)I hope he loves ‘school’!!

  6. Oooo! Good luck on the job hunt. Sometimes I think it would be really fun to get a little part time job – not worrying about what I’d get paid, but just doing something new for the experience.

  7. While I could totally see you working in some funky boutique or vintage store, I wish you would be able to do some free lance writing. Look at all the random people from all over the country that read your blog. And yes your son is cute. But it’s your writing, that voice inside your head that keeps us all coming back.So do it. Go for it. Even if it might mean calling some strangers (Of which I totally relate to uckiness of that) to get your name out there.Your blog is the best resume anyone could ask for.

  8. I just put Jayden in preschool and I cant believe how good it has been for all of us!! Granted I still have one at home, but it’s even been good for him to gain some independence from big brother. You’re going to do amazing at whatever you do!Good Luck!

  9. Good for you emery, I have been doing the “work a few hours a week” thing for about 7 months. I was struggling with not earning money when i have this college degree that we will be paying for, for the next 10 years. But i have found working is not for me, I work in the evenings and so family time together was too limited for me. But it was a good experience for me and im glad i was able to try it out. Right now i have 2 more shifts left and then i will be back to being a 100% sahm. Did you know our family will be traveling through your state when we relocate our family to North Carolina next month???

  10. Go for it with making money off your blog! I am from NJ, and love it, and also know people who are regular emery readers! Your blog is an ispiration and encouragment..keep it up :)

  11. I’m so envious of you! So envious! I hope you both enjoy the “school” days immensely! I just had to comment that Gray is addicted to peanut butter, too. He’ll eat PB sandwiches day after day and never get sick of them. And don’t even suggest messing them up with jelly. No way. He also likes to ask me to just dip him out a wad of PB straight from the jar. Haha..

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