Live from the Oregon Coast!

We’re here on the Oregon coast, and I am typing on my mom’s crazy little tablet computer that has one of those satellite interent cards in it. It is very slow, however, and it is reminding me of the days of dial-up internet access. How did I refrain from gouging my own eyes out during all of those grueling dial-up years? It’s a miracle my sight was saved.

Anywho. WOW. Oregon? WOW. So beautiful. And the ocean is about 40 yards from where I am sitting right now- crashing a roaring and making me frightened of the ‘Tsunami Zone’ signs we passed on the way up here. Last night I climbed up to the top story of this rental house and looked out at the dark ocean and I became convinced that it was coming closer. Then my mom reminded me of this thing called THE TIDE.

Today is fabulous Thanksgiving. There are parades and football games and a pumpkin cheesecake pie in the oven that I am making. Mom and Dad ran to the store to get peach gelatin for the buttermilk salad, while Jared and Chris are raging their own ping-pong war down in the basement. I hear my husband is finally beating Jared, so I believe some smack-talk is in order. (I feel like I am in that episode of ‘The Office’.) Ezra is watching the Little Einsteins and getting into all the games upstairs- scattering pieces of backgammon and colorful poker chips from here to Timbuktoo.

We walked to the ocean this morning and found a fort built into the side of the sand dunes. It was made of driftwood, and Ezra seemed to feel safe from the loud waves in there. Each moment here has been ridiculously sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

12 thoughts on “Live from the Oregon Coast!

  1. yay for Oregon! Did you drive through Medford on your way to the coast? That’s where I am (well, eagle point but that general area). Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  2. the picture of the three of you with the dogs..umm is one of the dogs pooping? your little guy is just so cute and so damn innocent looking. i’m thinking he can never get in trouble if he looks that innocent.let me know when you get back to reno and we can set something up. i can’t drive for another week so you can either come here or we can meet up in a week a half

  3. It’s so weird to see pictures of the beach whith the subjects bundled for winter. ha ha! Beautiful though!I still use dial-up Internet! Crazy, eh? It’s all I can afford!!!

  4. Oregon Coast….drool…I lived on the Oregon Coast for a short time as a kid, my grandparents retired in Cannon Beach, of course many, many, many years ago, and a much different town! So when I hear Oregon Coast, I go nostalgic. And my aunt and uncle have a remodeled beach house on the Oregon Coast! hmmmm, the cold Oregon Air and the ocean like none other…and green………………..!carol grams (lorie’s mom)

  5. Hi! I’m a complete stranger to you, but I’m a friend of Shawna Herring’s here in Georgia. My family is going to be in OKC for 3 weeks and I remembered Shawna having a friend out there. I’m sure you are busy, but if you get a chance…can you give us some insights on good places to go with kids and great places to eat out at? Whenever time permits anyway. I’d really appreciate it. Especially since we are going to be out there during the holidays. We already have a place to try attending for church services at, but anything you may have liked would be wonderful there, too!Anyway, whenever and if you choose to do so. I’d really be ever so grateful!blessings,Lori

  6. I’m so glad you finally made it to this time you’ve been waiting for! Your family is so adorable, I hope you soak up all the blessings while you are there and always store them away in your hearts :)

  7. So beautiful! And I make a peach and buttermilk moulded salad thing too! Everyone always thinks it sounds perfectly awful then they taste it and want the recipe!

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