Lake Tahoe is Better Than the Ocean.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in Reno, so Chris and I decided that a trip up to Lake Tahoe was in order. Lake Tahoe is a whopping 20 minutes away from my parent’s house, this lake of all lakes, and everytime I go up there since I’ve moved away from home I can’t help but ask myself, “Why didn’t I spend every waking minute here?” It’s amazing. Better than any ocean FOR SURE. Oceans are smelly. Lake Tahoe smells like fresh air and pine trees.

At least, that’s what Chris told me it smelled like yesterday- I have been so sick and plugged up for the past week that I have forgotten what it is like to smell. Or taste. In typical Emery fashion, I came down with a nasty cold at about midnight the night before we left for Reno. Every time I travel, I am sick. (Yes, that’s FIVE links to FIVE seperate tales of traveling woe! And, that’s not even the half of it!) Ezra also came down with something right before we left Oklahoma, but he seems pretty much over it now. I am praying the goo in my face doesn’t turn into a sinus or ear infection. Joy of joys!

Ezra was having a blast gathering up stones from the beach and then running down the dock and throwing them in the water. He liked the sound the rocks made as they hit the water. Ploop! Tahoe is the clearest lake I’ve ever seen in my life- there are parts of it that are aqua and turquoise and you can see every rock below the surface for a long way out. Ezra is used to the brown or red waters of Oklahoma, so he was excited to able to still see his rocks even after they sunk to the sandy bottom.

Chris was also throwing rocks. And then he accidentally hit a seagull. This is him trying not to laugh about it. Ezra appears concerned. (Bird was fine. I think he thought we were throwing bread crumbs into the water. After Chris hit him on the back with a rock, it only took two minutes for him to work up the courage to come back for more. You know, in case the rocks had turned into bread crumbs while he was away.)

This is right about when Ezra started saying “Oh Nooo! DaDa hit da duck!” over and over and over and over again. Loudly. Thankfully, there were no rangers around. heh.

One of the most beautiful places on earth, I tell you. Everyone should see Tahoe at least once in their lives.

PS. All you Reno readers- we must get together!! Megan? Shannon? (Should we get together pre-baby-Codi or post-baby-Codi? Wee!) All the rest of you? Email me your digits to emerybored at aol dot com. Let’s tear up the town! Or something!

16 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe is Better Than the Ocean.

  1. I am up for anything, but I would REALLY like to sqoosh Codi. And Ezra, for that matter! :) Gorgeous pics of Tahoe! I heart that lake.

  2. Oh, wow, Tahoe is sosososo close to Sacramento…it’s weird to think that you guys are a mere 2 hours away!I’m glad you’re having such fun!

  3. i’m not one to EVER turn my back on the ocean.. but that is seriously breathtaking…. and also… i thinks its sooo cute that you already added 805 collective to your bloggers list…. love you guys! skylanap.s.send me your address!!!!!!

  4. I agree, Tahoe is WAY better then the Ocean! The Hubby and I were just up there last weekend and it was beautiful! Hope your having a blast here in Reno!

  5. reasons tahoe rocksyou can swim for hours with your eyes openyou get out cleaner then you got init doesn’t mess up your hairit doesn’t smellit is softthere are amazing little shops and places to eat all the way around ityou can swim while looking at snow!

  6. I miss Tahoe soo badly. And Reno come to think of it!I’ve got so many great memories of Tahoe..awww I hope you are having a blast!

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