The Aftermath.

Our {fantabulous} company left early Monday morning, and I spent most of yesterday catching up on sleep. I took a FOUR HOUR nap yesterday, and this is crazy because I DON’T NAP. EVER. I hate naps with a burning ferocity.

We had such an amazing time with our friends, and I stayed up waayyy too late every night playing Wii having deep conversations about life.

Here is a really high quality photo I took of us. Ha.
(whatever you do, don’t enlarge.)

The last night everyone was here, a gragantuan thunderstorm moved in and so we turned off all of the lights, opened up all the doors, lit candles, poured out some wine, and got to listen as Chris played the viola for us. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever had in my life. At about 12:30AM we decided we wanted to make some breakfast food, so we made eggs and toast and pancakes and bacon. By the time we all stumbled into bed at 2:30 or so, there were only three hours left to sleep before the crew had to be back at the airport. (hence, the reluctant nap.)

Much too early to be having breakfast.

Here’s a video of Chris playing his viola along to a song that he wrote. Um, why is he not famous yet?

Cameron took some crazy awesome shots of Ezra– involving his vintage fedora and our green piano… you’ll be seeing those later I’m sure. He’s an amazing photographer. These shots he took are making me seriously wonder if I should get this kid an agent. He’s getting cuter by the day.

Now we are looking forward and preparing for our two month long hiatus in Reno that’s coming up in about two weeks. Our good friends will be staying at our house while we’re gone, which is going to be a great situation for all of us. Can you even believe that the Holidays are so rapidly approaching?

I am off to go organize my house and clean a little bit. I’m watching a little one year old girl for some friends tonight, and I can’t wait because she’s so cute and yummy that I go cross-eyed when I look at her. And then want to have babies.

Tomorrow I plan to write about some things that have been bouncing around in my brain for a couple of days- involving marriage and communication. And how I am pretty much total crap at it.

10 thoughts on “The Aftermath.

  1. Wow. I’m so jealous. Ya’ll are still young in a way we’re not anymore. We have cocktail parties, can you believe that? How droll. I love the thought of the music (it is beautiful BTW), the candles, the storm, breakfast at mignight. Enjoy!!

  2. we seriously had the best time hanging with you guys! thanks so much for opening your home and your hearts once again to me and my new wife. ;) Emery i’m so deeply proud of the mother and wife you have become and are becoming. i am honored to be called your friend. and Chris… yeah; stinking rediculously talented! i can’t wait to see what the future (and God) holds for the three of you! will post ezra piano pictures soon!

  3. that song is so beautiful!and btw, i think i know OF cameron ingalls. i think he’s a friend of my good friends mike and rachel larson in SLO. weird, huh?

  4. Yay for Reno! You guys should stop in at Sacramento FOR SURE and I can show you all the fun spots to hang out…plus there is a very awesome church here that I think you would have fun visiting.I am jealous of your thunderstorms…we totally need to get some of those in Sac.

  5. I was about to say, “This makes me miss you guys soooo much” except then I realized we didn’t even know each other when you lived here!I just know how much Cam and Anna and Seth and Skylana love you guys…I know I would too.

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