I’m Pooped.

I just spent the day watching a friend’s kids because she and her hubby are on a much deserved vacation. They have two amazing boys, ages 2 and 3, so Ezra and I spent the day at their house. Just me and three wild boys.

We started the morning by watching the tail end of Sesame Street while I got the boys dressed and brushed their hair and tried to convince everyone to use the potty before we went anywhere. (Refused.) We played with toys for awhile and then I loaded them in the car and took them to Barnes & Noble. The trip was lots of fun but can be summed up with this statement: There were three of them and I only have two arms. Yikes.

After the bookstore, we went and got food to take back to the house. The boys ate like champs and we had lots of fun sitting around the table making each other laugh. After that, I somehow managed to get ALL THREE BOYS to take a two and a half hour nap. These boys don’t usually nap, so I felt like I’d done something amazing- like I’d invented television or something. After their naps, we watched an episode of Little Einsteins and then spent the next hour or so playing outside on the swings and digging in the sandbox while I drew chalk pictures of everyone much to their delight. (“Draw Ezra’s daddy! Now draw Ezra’s daddy’s mom and daddy! Okay! Now draw…”) We played duck duck goose and pretended the slide was a magic train that could take them anywhere they wanted. (“The gwocery store!”) We were having a blast!

At 5:00, The relief sitters came back for the overnight shift, and they asked the boys what they did all day and if they’d had a fun time with Ezra and his mommy. I was sure the boys would be allllll excited to tell them about the fun stuff we did during the day, but instead they sort of shrugged and said:

“Yeah. We watched TV.”

And, the ‘Babysitter of the Year Award’ goes to…

11 thoughts on “I’m Pooped.

  1. Either those kids are tiny, or that cat is HUGE. I’m mesmerized. He looks like a big, gentle lion. Sorry you didn’t get the kudos from the kids, but we all know the truth. You still get the award in my book for taking on three little guys….AND LEAVING THE HOUSE WITH THEM. You’re one brave gal.

  2. wow I am just impressed you got them all down for a nap at the same time and braved taking 3 little ones out of the house all by yourself. Shawna

  3. lol…. that is hilarious!poor you…. all that fun, imaginitive play and effort, and no recognition from your little recipients.At least YOU know they had a blast. :)

  4. Ha Ha! That is so funny! It’s amazing what they think and how they’ll respond; usually the opposite of what us “gwrown ups” expect!

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