Chapter Twenty: "All Conquering Love."

The planning for the big day went really smoothly. I didn’t find myself stressed at all. Four months was just enough time to put all of the pieces that were important to us together for our wedding, which was going to be held in San Luis Obispo instead of Reno this time around. We knew we wanted two major things: Personal Vows for the ceremony, and DANCING for the reception. Our wedding was going to be nothing but one big, huge CELEBRATION of the love we’d worked so hard for with the people we loved the most in the world. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

The ceremony was beautiful and, by the time we said our vows, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. God showed up in a powerful way, and I still to this day have people tell me that our ceremony affected them in a deep way… It was like this sense of love conquering despair… it filled the little chapel from the floor to the roof until I could hardly breathe from the closeness of it all.

The reception was dance-tastic and it was seriously FUN. Everyone joined in right after food, and the dancing didn’t stop until we called it a night and hopped into our getaway car. (Chris’ truck. Snazzy!)

It was a perfect day and a perfect evening. Pictures will tell the tale better than I ever could:

All photos by Kenneth Morgan
of San Luis Obispo, CA.

So, that’s the story of Chris and I. Thank you guys for reading along through all the heartbreak and the joy. It feels really good to have gotten that all out- to have cemented it in my head so that it won’t get mixed up and jumbled and lost as the years wear away at the memories we’ve created.

God has been so good to me. He is continuing to heal me, and He’s slowly forming me into a wife that loves her husband well and fights for the dreams deep in his heart. Some days are easier than others, and some of the choices that I made before we were married are still affecting me today… Like, how for years I was hurt and confused by sleeping with Chris… and how all of those feelings didn’t just magically disappear on the day we finally said “I do”… I made some poor decisions before we were married, and I’m now having to work through the effects of all of that. I’m learning the beauty of being ONE with someone, but it hasn’t been an easy road. But God is redeeming that part of my heart bit by bit, and I’m falling more and more in love with my husband with every passing day.

For all of you girls out there who aren’t yet married: Guard your hearts. Guard your bodies and your minds. Love yourselves enough to know the worth of what you have. Don’t squander your heart away in hopes of finally feeling satisfied in love. You have all the love you need in God. You have ALL the love you need in God. Even when you may not feel it, you have all the love you need in God.

I think I’ll end with this- one more song I wrote after we were married and all was said and done. Sorry to post so many songs lately, but they really do capture this time better than anything else could, I think. So, one final song for you all- I call this one “My Dreams”. Hope you like it, sorry for the poor quality once again. Just click below:

***The End.***

27 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty: "All Conquering Love."

  1. Great end to a great story..I was playing the song and Josh didn’t know who it was, so I told him, and he was like, “<>Really<>?? She’s really good, I thought it was something you found on iTunes.” I was like..”yeah, duh, she does music too” but he didn’t know, and he thought you were great, and he is NOT generous with compliments, just so you know…so….be complimented:)

  2. WOW! What an AMAZING story you 2 have! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed following along… parts of your story sound all too familiar.. and I’m just starting on my journey. Emery, thanks for saying at the end repeatedly that you have ALL you need in God! I needed to hear that tonight… I’m experiencing being away from home and in a college dorm for the first time.. and I’m a bit older than some of the girls. I’m at a christian school and the party scene is still really crazy and “christians” are hard to come by. So thanks for saying that again.. because I know that ALL I NEED IS GOD. But enough about that… Your story is amazing and you should publish a book! HAHA! Thanks again! Katy

  3. Ok, I’m coming out of lurk status here to tell you that I have really enjoyed reading your love story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. wow so way to make me cry AGAIN!! That was beautiful Emery, I am so so glad you shared. I love how you ended the story with that humble reminder. Your story has helped me so much, and encouraged me more to desire relationships God’s way because he knows us infinitely better than we know ourselves. I am so glad the story ended like this (we all knew it would, lolz!), but I am a little sad that its over! Hey and the song at the end was awesome too, your voice is so unique it gives me the chills, woo! And this makes me wonder…. what the hecks been happening with Ezra this whole time!? So yeah sorry for the ridiculously long comments, I just hope you know that your story made a lifetime impact on me :) Cheers to love!

  5. I agree. Reading your story (although I’ve know it) has reminded me of those beautiful things about relationships that I’ve always wanted but seem to have forgotten or given up on. I’ve made some resolves.And I apologize for not writing you back yet, I’ve had some horrific events in the past week and a half that have kept me from communicating much. I’ll fill you in soon.I love you!

  6. loooooooooved it. Thanks SO much for sharing it. Your beauty and ashes have put so many things in perspective for me. <33333

  7. It was a great read…hard at times, but very good nonetheless, and I’m so happy for the happy ending. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading…and I was blessed by your story.

  9. Such a beautiful, touching story. Thank you for sharing your fairy-tale with us…and congratulations on finding your happily ever after. :)

  10. Emery…simply amazing you have left me in tears of joy. I am so happy for you and it was so inpsiring to read your story and to have another testament that can conquer all!!!thank you!! Amazing wedding pictures!i want to talk to you about your music..i need to get your email..i’ll look on your homepage or myspace you.thanksHeather

  11. Wow, Emery. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. As has been said above, it is a truly beautiful story. *sniff* :)

  12. hey Em- I read every word and I’m so glad I did. I understand you better now, for sure. And, I understand why I went from being a bridesmaid (after the 1st proposal :) to not really ever hearing from you again? I was hurt at the time, but I get it now. I didn’t know what was going on, but I’m glad that all the high school drama of the relationship that I witnessed was overcome with a true and deep love and that you really do seem happy. I finally know the whole story, yay! Thanks for sharing it with us, and I love your song!<3 jena

  13. I linked to this story from Flo’s blog. I only meant to read a part of this before I went to bed. Then I couldn’t stop reading!!! It’s now almost midnight! IT WAS WORTH IT!!!Thank you for being so transparent. I know some of that must have been difficult to write. I felt it. I also felt all triumphant with you as I reached those last few chapter! God is soooooo good!!!Daja

  14. I just stumbled on this through another blog and was really a] impressed with your writing/narrative skillsb] encouraged by your honesty and faithc] might just be inspired to write my love storythank you. It was a blessing to me to read it.

  15. OK, I read the whole thing. I cried, I gasped, I jumped up, I loved GOD INTENSELY for His sweet, sweet, SWEET mercy and love!!! And for making you! Now THAT is a love story!!! Thank you so much for writing that. I think that you will be amazed when you get to heaven how many people found healing through it that you never even knew about!!!

  16. As a 17 year old senior in high school, this was so moving. Me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up in October, and it's still hard. I often found myself relating your story to my own. Thank you so, so much for sharing and being so completely honest. So encouraging. Not only in my with guys, but most importantly with God. I was sad when I reached chapter 20, but happy for you as well.

    A girl from South Carolina

  17. I just found your blog recently, and {as a sucker for a good love story} really enjoyed reading your fairy tale. Did you know that the song has been deleted? I tried to listen to it…

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